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The Dummies’ Guide to Wedding Ceremonies

Getting married in 2017? Procrastinating on the ceremony because you don’t know where to start? Unsure about hiring an officiant or minister? (You might find this recent blog helpful.) Your wedding officiant will be your most reliable resource for how to start the process of constructing your ceremony. In fact, your officiant should build it . . .

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How to Get Married in Taos

  Well, Valentine’s Day is now behind us. That means all you newly-engaged couples can start ramping up your wedding planning. If you’re looking for a magical place for a destination wedding, read on! I’d love to entice you to come to northern New Mexico, the Land of Enchantment. And if you’ve already decided on . . .

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20 Ways Your Wedding Officiant Earns Their Pay

You’re engaged and making plans for the various vendors, including a wedding minister you’ll be hiring. Each vendor will bring to your special day a set of skills which translate into less stress for you. A good set of vendors will also interface easily, without any prompting from you. Wedding vendors are accustomed to doing . . .

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Just Engaged? What’s Next?!

First off, congratulations! You’re embarking on exciting times. As as wedding minister in Taos I have some insights to share with you. Take a deep breath. This is a big deal! Start with the biggest picture decisions and work towards the finer details. And try not to stress; make it fun. If you keep plugging away . . .

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Marriage Equality

It’s hard to believe that just a few short years ago LGBTQ weddings were the exception (legal in only a few states). Back when I was in college, fighting for gay rights, the question of same sex marriage was far off my radar. I couldn’t fathom I’d ever see it legalized. Nor could I imagine . . .

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How About an Unplugged Wedding Ceremony?

Increasing numbers of couples are opting to “unplug” their wedding which I think is a great idea. By an unplugged wedding ceremony I mean that you leave all the photography to the professional you’ve hired. Phones go back in pockets and purses, cameras are set under the chair. Your guests get to enjoy what is . . .

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Summer Wedding Season

Traditional Weddings in Taos There’s nothing like a big, traditional wedding to get me in the swing of the summer wedding season. The pictures on this page are from a wedding that took place at the beloved El Monte Sagrado here in Taos. Officiating weddings at El Monte Sagrado is always a joy! The expert staff . . .

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Pondering the Processional

Are you wondering what the possibilities are for your processional? Do you want to be completely conventional or shake it up a bit? As a Taos wedding officiant I go through the possibilities with you and learn about what you want in your processional. I then script your processional as part of my writing your . . .

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“Eat Your Vegetables!”

“Eat Your Vegetables!” Right up front I’ll tell you this blog doesn’t have much to do with weddings, but it is such a beautiful, heart-warming story I’m compelled to tell it. So if you’re looking for a Taos wedding officiant, jump over to my home page and learn about the services I offer. I also . . .

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