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Dan Jones, Wedding Officiant

About Wedding Celebrant Dan Jones

It was my good fortune to be raised on a working farm and know a rural, earth-connected childhood. I have a degree in landscape horticulture, have managed a Denver garden center and in 2006 sold Wild Flowers, the nature and garden oriented gift store I founded in 1995. Since then I have been designing and maintaining landscapes in Denver and Taos, New Mexico and bringing joy to hundreds of couples as their wedding officiant.

When my nephew and his fiancé asked me to officiate their wedding, I was dumbfounded (a rare thing for me!). My first coherent thought was, “This is the most perfect thing that could happen to me right now.” And it was. We collaborated to create a custom wedding through Native American ceremony that deeply touched every guest. The same year a friend asked me to be her celebrant and conduct the ceremony in my home garden. It was another rewarding day and I was particularly touched by the palpable flow of love not only between the couple, but with their friends as well.

These two experiences brought my life path to wedding officiating. This provides a perfect parallel path as I focus on creating my own more spiritually complete life. This enhances my ability to offer couples a calming presence on their wedding day. Many couples have told me they chose me because they immediately felt comfortable in my presence. I was ordained by the Universal Life Church in Modesto, California on March 3, 2006 for the express purpose of being a wedding minister.

I recognize the deep trust couples place in me when they choose me as their wedding celebrant. I take it as a great honor and privilege to share the spotlight with a couple during what is a very intimate, albeit public, moment. A parent whispering to their child at the end of the aisle, the tears during the vows and the radiant looks of love all touch me deeply.

Whatever your dream location, count me in as I love adventure and new experiences. I have officiated on both snowshoes and snowmobiles in whiteouts, at trailheads, on mountaintops, in backyards, and formal venues. And yes, I have even worked in churches! I consider myself a facilitator and want to do everything I can to make the marriage ceremony fulfilling and the perfect culmination to your planning and anticipation. Choose me as your wedding celebrant and rest assured you will have a friend at your side during your ceremony.

About Wedding Celebrant Crystal Martinez

In the moment you read a love letter, everything is perfect. As a wedding minister in Taos, my goal is to make you feel as though time has stopped and you are in such a moment. It is an honor and a privilege for me to facilitate that moment and be an integral part of your most memorable day.

I am a detail person, well spoken, easy going and open minded. The sky is the limit with how creative and adventurous you want to be. This is your day, and I will embrace your beliefs and desires. I am not bilingual but I can perform parts of your ceremony in Spanish.

I am blessed to have been born and raised a local Taosena. I grew up in the Ranchos de Taos area and have spent most of my life in northern New Mexico. I am a licensed Real Estate Broker; I love helping buyers explore and fall in love with the Taos area. I have a passion for this beautiful, adventurous, magical and almost intoxicating place. You could say I have the same appreciation for the miracle of love, and it can almost be described in the same way. Being that there is so much love involved in what I do, I decided that becoming a wedding officiant in Taos would be a great way to expand my horizons. By helping people in love experience their most special day in such an enchanting place completes the circle of love in my life.

Embracing Ceremony as Your Taos Wedding Celebrant

Through passionate writing and inspired delivery, Embracing Ceremony provides a Taos wedding celebrant that delivers

  • a carefully crafted, stellar ceremony reflecting your beliefs and desires
  • guidance based on experience and without judgment
  • personal attention to detail
  • an infectiously serene composure
  • a warm and caring demeanor
  • polished and articulate speaking
  • dependability and reliability
  • delight in adventurous destination weddings
  • a ceremony that is joyous, lighthearted and fun or serious, respectful and reverent
  • a ceremony style of your choice: flowery, classic, simple or irreverent
  • unobtrusive direction on your wedding day

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What Is a Wedding Celebrant / Officiant / Minister?

ordination-certificateThey’re interchangeable terms which by definition are “a person who performs or fulfills the duties of the clergy at a religious or civil ceremony, especially a wedding.” Additional terms are justice-of-the-peace, pastor and reverend.

An interfaith minister respects and honors all faiths and beliefs and does not proselytize. I like the term celebrant because it accentuates the celebration.

I perceive my role as the conduit, a connection between you and your guests. I portray to your guests the love and sentiments you wish to express during your wedding ceremony. Your marriage ceremony can be highly emotional. You’ll want a familiar, friendly person with you that provides calming support.

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