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Intimate Wedding Packages in Taos

Are you looking for all-inclusive intimate wedding packages in New Mexico? Taos, in northern New Mexico is a lovely place to bring your closest friends and family for a destination wedding vacation. Taos offers myriad activities beyond your wedding day, from hiking, ballooning, rafting and mountain climbing. The SpiriTaos Garden Intimate Wedding Packages Embracing Ceremony . . .

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Destination Elopement Packages At-A-Glance Chart

Prospective couples perusing my website for the various destination elopement packages offered by Embracing Ceremony have given me the feedback that my elopement packages, particularly my all-inclusive elopement packages, can be confusing because of the variety of options and offerings. For a quick browse, there is too much copy to wade through. So we’ve developed . . .

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The Magic of an Outdoor Micro Wedding Venue

Choosing the right outdoor micro wedding venue is an important decision! It might help for you to jot down some of your criteria to help you sort out the best option. Things such as: Expansive views Intimate surroundings Colorful garden setting Protection in case of inclement weather Easy and accessible access Comfortable experience for guests . . .

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Tips for Planning Your Destination Micro Wedding

You’ve probably settled on a micro wedding to simplify the planning, cost and headaches. And there’s no reason your micro wedding won’t be every bit as rewarding as a big bucks affair. If you’re thinking about “getting out of Dodge” and having a destination micro wedding you’ll want start making some lists of things to . . .

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What Is a Micro Wedding, and Is It Right for You?

First, what is a micro wedding? A micro wedding is simply a scaled-down version of a full-scale ceremony. You can dial it down to the size that works for you. The goal is to keep it more simple – less guests, less expense, fewer details and a shorter checklist. Is A Micro Wedding Right For . . .

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Wedding Packages with Photography

Recently, with the opening of our new micro wedding venue, SpiriTaos Gardens, we re-tooled our offerings to include wedding packages with photography. In the wedding business, like most businesses I suppose, we adapt with the changing of the times. For myself, I started out as a wedding minister. As such I officiated hundreds of weddings . . .

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An Exciting New Micro Wedding Venue in Taos

We are really excited to announce – after several years of planning, construction and refinement – the SpiriTaos Gardens micro wedding venue in Taos. As a Taos wedding celebrant I saw a need in northern New Mexico for a beautiful setting, with a sacred mountain view and a sheltered ramada in case of intense sun . . .

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The Destination Micro Weddings Trend for 2022

Wedding trends have been and continue to shift, with a new trend emerging for destination micro weddings. Sure, Covid-19 has had a major impact on decision-making, but so have the budgets and logistics of planning A Big Wedding. Traditional wedding ceremonies can still be accomplished in a scaled-down version of a wedding. It’s the dawning . . .

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Find Perfect Locations for Destination Elopements in Taos

The most frequent question I get is for assistance in determining locations for destination elopements in Taos. There are so many great options! My goal is to make eloping in Taos easy for you to plan and something you’ll always remember with joy. Do you want a quintessential Taos courtyard in town? A thrilling spot . . .

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Elopement Wedding Packages Are The New Normal

The trend continues towards elopement. It is certainly exacerbated by Covid-19. Eloping makes so many planning challenges evaporate! Embracing Ceremony started offering elopement wedding packages a few years ago and now it has become quite commonplace. So many people have taken this approach that it is standard practice. By separating the ceremony from the celebration . . .

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Need more information on planning a wedding in northern New Mexico? Request our informative listing that includes options for other services such as wedding cakes, accommodations and fine dining.