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Wedding Rehearsal, Part Two – Including Your Officiant

You want your wedding ceremony to come off without a hitch. And maybe you’re juggling the ceremony and the related festivities on a budget. How do you decide who runs your rehearsal? If you’re working at a larger venue there is likely an experienced staff person that will guide you through the rehearsal. While you can rely on their direction remember that it is your ceremony and you should have it your way.

As a wedding officiant in Taos I create a ceremony script for each wedding I officiate. The details of the Processional are worked into the script along with music cues. The Processional is worked out through careful discussions with the couple. I want to have the names correct and I want it to flow smoothly and as envisioned by the bride and groom.

At a recent rehearsal in Denver I was aghast when the venue owner jumped in and started directing the rehearsal using his standards and obliterating important details. I stepped in and reminded him that this was Jane and John’s wedding and that we would be doing it their way. That’s one wedding rehearsal I was sure glad I was at!

But back to the script … with it in hand along with the benefit of having reviewed your ceremony with me you are likely able to run your own rehearsal. If you’re watching your budget I would highly recommend this approach. On the other hand, if you’d prefer to not have to boss your friends and family around call on your officiant.

As your wedding celebrant you can be sure that I’ll give you sound advice, based on my experiences and will never push you towards including me in your rehearsal unless it is truly what you want. My third rehearsal blog will cover running your own rehearsal.

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