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Choosing Your Wedding Officiant

I’ve been interviewed by hundreds of couples seeking a wedding officiant for their ceremony. No two interviews are alike. The most common question I hear is, “What should we ask you?” You’re hopefully going through this process once in your life so don’t feel bad if you’re not sure where to start.

Inevitably there are questions about small wedding ceremony details to which my usual answer works. “Yes, of course you can. It’s your ceremony and we can do it however you like.” As a Taos wedding officiant my goal is to provide exactly the ceremony a couple is looking to have.

The best question I ever heard was, “Tell me why I should choose you as my wedding officiant over the next person on my list?” It was such a great question I still can’t believe I’ve only heard it once! And my answer was easy. I’m a professional, I’ll customize your ceremony to exactly what you’re after and on your wedding day I’ll be a calming presence for you, your wedding party and your guests.

Many questions revolve around the budget which is an important consideration for most people. Questions about religion are also near the top of the list. Brides and grooms are relieved to learn that I have no requirements. We can make your ceremony as religious – or not – as you like. Sometimes questions revolve around how to manage sticky parental situations.

In the end here is what I think. Choosing your wedding officiant is a gut level decision. You’ll know it when it is right. The criteria I would keep in the back of your mind is the level of comfort you feel with the officiants you interview. Is this someone you’ll feel comfortable trusting to run a smooth ceremony? When you’re walking down the aisle will you want to make eye contact with this person and be greeted by them when you reach the end of the aisle? Will this person capture the attention of your guests? Will they afterwards say, “That was such a fun and memorable wedding ceremony! I’ve never heard any of that at another wedding.”

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