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Including Children in Your Ceremony

I’m currently working on two ceremonies where children will play a key role – and both in very different ways. Including children adds great warmth and emotion to your wedding ceremony and provides opportunities for lighthearted and humorous moments. Officiating weddings in Taos, Denver or anywhere in between I find children are a universal element.

Priceless moments emblazoned in my mind from weddings inevitably include children. From reluctant toddlers that need several pats to start up the aisle to young kids puffed up with importance and radiating the joy of the day to the little flower girl that forgot to scatter her petals as she walked up the aisle and unceremoniously dumped the basketful upon arrival at the front – you can count on children adding a spontaneous moment or two to your ceremony. You want a wedding officiant that is comfortable in the moment and is willing to play off these special moments.

If the child(ren) are your own there are many ways to include them in the ceremony. Depending on the circumstance and their age, you may want to include them in the vows, you may want to give them a gift or simply say some special words to them. Emphasizing family is a good thing. If the bride is pregnant a new realm opens. Think of the shame this caused in the past! Instead, celebrate a new life on the way. Have the guests offer their best wishes for the new life through some ceremony during the wedding.

Occasionally there is a reluctant child. That’s understandable. If you’re ready to walk down the aisle and a child is being belligerent have a backup plan. Simply let the child be with its parent or grandparent. The more you push the more you’ll meet with resistance. In a bad moment the child is going to know it holds the power so be prepared to go with the flow. There is no point in riling yourself and leaving a memory of frustration overlaid on your wedding day. If it is picture time and the child won’t wear their full outfit ask the photographer to wait a bit. Eventually the child’s mood will inevitably change and they’ll be excited in their unfamiliar clothes.

In summary, include your children, or children that are special in your lives. They bring an element of joy and spontaneity to your wedding.

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