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Managing Wedding Stress

There’s no magic de-stressing pill you can pop as you plan your wedding day nor is there an instant cure on the day of your wedding ceremony. But there’s plenty you can do as preventive measures. Your marriage celebrant can help both before and during your wedding ceremony.

If you’re managing most of the plans for your big day, do so in an organized way. Create lists and a timeline. Put things on your calendar. When you think of another detail don’t panic, just add it to your list and calendar. Don’t procrastinate. Perhaps the biggest advice I can offer for a smooth flow into your wedding day is to get things done as far ahead of time as is feasible. Work with your wedding officiant to have your ceremony script wrapped up a month in advance.

The above advice is on the practical side of the ledger. Another good approach is journaling or blogging. Write daily about what you’ve accomplished and what you’re feeling. A few years out you’ll be thrilled to have it all documented and hopefully you and your partner can look back and chuckle! And who knows, maybe writing about it will tone down your stress enough to help keep your marriage healthy.

Leading up to your wedding day make sure you have all the little things (makeup, emergency sewing kit, unity candles, etc.) delegated to someone and that they know where and when to have their responsibilities in place. Have a clear plan with your wedding minister on what s/he will be covering. As you walk up the aisle focus on your guests and the joy of the occasion and let your wedding officiant take over and guide you through your ceremony. Once you’ve gotten through the vows you’ll be ready to have fun at your reception!

I’m often told I have a very soothing effect on people and brides especially tell me that they feel calmer because of my demeanor. I find weddings I perform in Taos and northern New Mexico have a different flavor than in the Denver area. Northern New Mexico is much more laid back and it rubs off, making it easier to go with the flow. So perhaps you should consider a trip to magical Taos for your marriage ceremony!

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