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Dan Jones, Wedding Officiant

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Teaming with Your Wedding Officiant

So you’re newly engaged and starting the process of planning your wedding day! Exciting as well as a little challenging, but as you embark you’ll find there are a lot of great resources at hand. There are wedding shows, wedding websites and eager professionals to help with the flowers, cake and venue. Couples seem to think of these things early on.

Wedding officiants can be a daunting choice to make and one that is sometimes overlooked until late in the process. Your marriage celebrant (I like the term celebrant as it connotes the joy inherent in your wedding day) is a resource you should utilize. As an experienced wedding celebrant in northern New Mexico and the Denver area I have officiated hundreds of weddings. I have seen things done well and I’ve seen mistakes that could easily be avoided with a little careful planning. I never mandate anything to the couples I work with but I am always happy to share my experiences in order to help my clients make the best decisions for their circumstances.

Have you ever slid off a slick road while driving and you’re left with a sickening feeling in the pit of your stomach? “What am I going to do now?” And then a Good Samaritan comes along and helps you dig out. You experience sweet relief. Think of your wedding officiant as that person that takes a weight off your shoulders. With my couples I offer all the examples and options that my clients desire. I can’t tell you how often I hear, “Thank you so much, you’ve made this process so easy!” That’s my job and that’s why I enjoy working as a marriage celebrant. I can help people through a potentially-onerous task.

So don’t delay! Select your marriage celebrant early in your decision-making process and utilize the officiant’s expertise to help you put shape to your wedding ceremony.

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