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Two Trees

On a recent snowshoe hike into the forests of the Sangre de Cristo mountains above Taos I found a remarkable pair of trees, a duo likely overlooked by most for what they are – a couple. In a perfect “V” these two trees grew out of the ground to stand beside one another in support and harmony. What startled me was that these were two different species. I couldn’t help but meander down Analogy Lane for the uniqueness I beheld.

As a wedding officiant I’m always seeking inspiration in nature to apply in the customized ceremonies I offer. These inspirations are particularly appropriate when my officiating services find me in an outdoor wedding location. So there I stood, gazing upward at these two seemingly-one trees, realizing the many subtleties that made them different.

Perhaps it was the time of year that made the differences more apparent. There was no riot of green foliage overhead. Instead, the Douglas Fir, clad in its yellowish needles, cradled tufts of snow. Adjacent, the Aspen branches were bare, allowing the sun to warm its every surface. The bark of one rough, brown and crinkled; the other was smooth and gray. What struck me was how profoundly different the two were upon inspection, but how most folks, most times of year, would perceive them as one.

Like a good marriage, these two species stood tall and proud together. Their roots were no doubt wrapped together in mutual support. Together they dominated their streamside environment and carved out their own microclimate. In support of one another, they have grown together through the years and are now aging together beautifully. Maybe someday a couple will ask me to find them a unique wedding location and this will surely be a spot that comes to mind!

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