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Eloping to Northern New Mexico, particularly the Taos area, has a great deal of appeal. It is a unique and beautiful mountainous area steeped in the mystique of creativity and spirituality. The Taos, New Mexico area offers myriad opportunities and locations for those choosing to elope. Before I go further let me explain my use of quotes in the title “Elopements.” I use the term loosely and not necessarily in the traditional sense. While it is possible to have a spontaneous elopement in northern New Mexico there are infinite variations on the theme. You can go to the county courthouse and procure your license on the day of the ceremony and as a northern New Mexico wedding officiant I am often available on short notice. Many do a little more planning in order to be certain that they have a minister, a location and a celebratory accommodation.

Many of the “elopements” I have officiated have included a few guests (often family) which makes one aspect easier – New Mexico requires two witnesses to sign the marriage license. Not to worry however if you’re planning an elopement sans guests – we can always find a couple of willing people to contribute their signatures. When guests are included, your elopement is no doubt part of a planned long weekend or vacation. In this case a unique twist of adventure combined with your ceremony will make it memorable – perhaps moreso than having 100 guests cheering you on!

Consider your marriage while floating over the Rio Grande Gorge in a balloon (http://taosballooning.com/weddings/). Or you might prefer a more literal float (more like white knuckle raft!) through the Gorge (http://losriosriverrunners.com/taos-box or http://www.farflung.com/day-trips/taos-box.html). Maybe a snow mobile tour to a high and beautiful ridge overlooking the Taos Ski Valley is more your thrill; during summer make it a horseback ride (http://www.bigaltsv.com/index.php).IMG_5863-1 Perhaps your adventure will be a bit more intimate. Book the honeymoon suite (Mesa Vista Room http://www.taos-cottonwood.com/rooms.html) at the Cottonwood Bed & Breakfast in Arroyo Seco and enjoy a luxurious, candlelit Jacuzzi next to your king sized bed. In this case you can have your ceremony in your room next to the fireplace, on your private balcony or in the surrounding gardens.

Elsewhere on my website (https://www.embracingceremony.com/locations.php) you’ll find a page dedicated to other unique outdoor wedding locations in and around Taos. At SpiriTaos, my home in Taos, I’ll soon have a stunning view-laden spot nestled into my developing landscape where you can tie the knot and then drive less than a mile to one of several fine Taos restaurants. El Meze (http://www.elmeze.com/) if you’re after an exquisite dining experience or Love Apple (http://theloveapple.net/) if you’d like to experience a meal procured locally. A more modestly-priced dinner of classic New Mexican fare can be had at the local favorite, Orlando’s (http://www.orlandostaos.com/).

When you’re planning your elopement I’d be thrilled to be your Taos wedding celebrant. As such I can give you more ideas for making it memorable. And I’ll customize a short and sweet ceremony that becomes the heart of your adventure.

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