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Tree Wisdom

In this world of diversity – and I’m a big supporter of diversity for it is what makes the world go round – we have tree huggers and loggers, those who carve their initials in trees and others that will occupy a tree to save it from the chainsaw. It would follow that there are those who think trees have feelings and thoughts, others would scoff at the idea and still others find the very idea absurd. Regardless of where you fall on that continuum, I would ask you to consider my analogy.

Trees, unlike most humans, are grounded. I mean this in the most literal sense. They live their entire life (except on occasion when there is human intervention) in the place they took root. Imagine if you spent your entire life standing in one place. If you were never able to run to shelter to avoid inclement weather, a forest fire or a clawing bear – you would quickly learn to toughen up, or perish. You would become acutely aware of your own pulse of life and its fragility. And over the years, think of the perspective you would gain!

Dora van Gelder puts it best when she writes, “Humanity tries to escape from suffering. When it rains we seek shelter; when death comes we put away the sight of it. Trees let life beat against them and try to withstand it. Trees are the greatest realists I know.

Whether you’re eloping or having a huge wedding affair, I would encourage you, following your marriage ceremony, to embrace life. Enter your marriage with commitment, presence in the moment and don’t turn away from challenges.

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