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DSC_4482 DSC_4489We all treasure different seasons, for different reasons. Brides and grooms planning their wedding ceremony are driven by many factors in selecting not only their wedding date, but first settling on a general time of year. There are infinite variables, but one of them is a love of a particular season. Maybe that’s when you met, got engaged, or had a memorable trip.

In northern New Mexico, autumn is a particularly stunning season. Unique wedding locations and in particular, outdoor wedding locations really shine during the fall months. Literally shine. The aspen foliage begins changing in mid to late September and carries on a stunning display for weeks – almost a month – depending on the year and the weather.

If you’ve planned ahead and booked the Sacred Circle at El Monte Sagrado, and if your timing is good, you’ll be wed under a canopy of shimmering golden cottonwood leaves. You’ll be serenaded in the background by the rushing stream and adjacent waterfall. Your guests will enjoy top-notch service and accommodations from the excellent El Monte Sagrado staff.

Perhaps it’ll just be the two of you, possibly joined by a few close family or friends. In that case one of the trails I recommend might work well for you. Do you want to stand by a rushing stream with a carpet of golden aspen leaves at your feet and a ledge at your back? Are you adventuresome and wanting to hike an hour? Is a view of the mountains important or do want to be in the mountains? Or would you prefer a short walk to an enticing location. What time of day suits you? Sunsets can be stellar! If I’m to be your marriage celebrant I can help you determine the perfect elopement spot, based on your wishes.

These are just a couple of examples. There are infinite choices for northern New Mexico wedding locations and I will enjoy helping you find the one that is right for you.


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