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Marriage laws in New Mexico and Colorado are very similar. Procuring your license is easy (I’m happy to answer questions about the process) and can be done even the same day of your ceremony (be sure county offices will be open) if you want to cut it close. In Colorado you can only get the marriage license within 30 days of your ceremony date; this is not a factor in New Mexico.

One significant difference between the two states pertains to witnesses for your marriage. In Colorado you do not need a witness although there is a place on the license for two to sign which is usually done. For a Colorado elopement you need only yourselves and your marriage celebrant. New Mexico differs in that two witnesses are required to sign your license. The only time this becomes a bit sticky is for an elopement, particularly in a remote spot. I’ve never had a problem tracking someone down.

If you’re opting for a unique wedding location to elope, we can meet in town with witnesses for the signing. I am even “training” a few friends that are happy to be available to provide this service. In fact, I think, as your wedding Officiant, I provide top-notch witnesses! Recently I invited a neighbor over to witness (basically they just sign the license) and she brought along a bottle of champagne for a little celebration after the wedding ceremony. Another couple wanted a German witness (groom was German) and so we traipsed to a German friend’s house. My friend’s teenage son filled in as the second witness. As a testament to the quality of witness I can provide, here is a cute story. The son, after we had departed, said to his Dad, “Those people were only here a few minutes Dad. Since I was their witness, what happens if someday I forget about them? Does that mean their marriage won’t be valid anymore?”

So come to Taos to get married! Gay, straight, in between, huge wedding, simple elopement – it’s all legal here and if you select me to be your marriage celebrant you can know I’ll provide you with a witness that cares about your future!

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