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Utilizing Your Officiant as a Resource

It is likely that any professional can list a wide range of questions they’re asked by their clientele. So I don’t consider my experience as a Northern New Mexico wedding officiant to be any different. And I’m delighted that my experience of working with hundreds of couples over the years can make me a legitimate resource for couples planning what we all hope will be the one time in their life that they endeavor to plan one of the most memorable events of their life.

A common question regards the search for a unique outdoor wedding location in the Taos area. They abound! Having helped many people with this question I’ve learned what to ask about your priorities and that helps me focus on the best suggestions to meet your criteria.

Another question pertains to the weather. And even when I’m not asked this question I like to offer input! Needless to say I’m not a meteorologist, but I’ve lived in the Rocky Mountains most of my adult life and know that it is variable and changeable. The key is to be prepared and flexible. If your ceremony is outdoors and particularly in spring or fall, be prepared for possible cold. Taos and the surrounding mountains are high elevation.

You might want a suggestion for a good accommodation in the Taos area or possibly a dining suggestion to follow your elopement. How about some scenic drives en route back to the Albuquerque airport? Maybe a unique hike is on your list for your time in northern New Mexico?

And more pertinent to your actual ceremony, I can recommend a stellar photographer, a source for unique flowers or a musician. Maybe you’re striving for that uniquely memorable ceremony and need the recommendation of a balloon outfitter to take you over the gorge or snowmobile operator to guide you to a high snowy ridge above the Taos Ski Valley.

You might look through my other blogs for information on including special people in your ceremony. And if you’d like my thoughts on honoring your parents or including your dog in the wedding celebration look for future blogs or shoot me an email.

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