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Wedding Readings

Do you have a favorite poem or book passage that you’d like read at your wedding? Do you have a family member or friend you’d like to have read it? Here are a few ideas …

Over the years I’ve seen fewer instances of couples wanting to include someone by having them read during their ceremony. I think it is a nice touch to include a family member or friend with this special role and it provides some variety from your wedding minister doing all the talking. Should you want someone to read I would suggest that you make sure they are comfortable doing so in front of your guests. If they are not accustomed to speaking in public, make sure that they know to speak loudly and clearly. I’ve seen too many people read much too fast or quietly and the moment gets lost on your guests.

Much more often, your wedding officiant will do the reading. When I work with couples I’m always delighted if they have quotes, readings or lyrics that are meaningful to them that I can incorporate into their wedding ceremony. More often however, they are at a loss and that’s where my ever-growing library of suggestions comes in handy. I share as many examples as they want to peruse and let them decide what works for them. Readings provide a great way to segue between different parts of the ceremony. As such, I sometimes use only a line or two to set the tone or make a transition. A reading can offer a thought-provoking start to a ceremony or there are many blessings I use to conclude a wedding.

Recently I started a Taos elopement ceremony by asking the couple to identify the following quote, “You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” They failed to identify it as Dr. Seuss!

I’ve had fun putting together a northern New Mexico wedding ceremony which I’ll officiate this year for a couple who are doing a literary-themed wedding. Their ceremony is laced with quotes! Guests should have fun with it.

Do a little exploring! Or let your wedding celebrant come up with some ideas for you. Incorporating bits of literature can be fun. There’s a lot more than scripture that works well in a wedding ceremony!

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