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Breaking of the Glass

News flash … this wedding officiant in northern New Mexico is very excited! And as you learn why you’ll see it doesn’t take a whole lot to enthuse this wedding celebrant.

All cultures have unique wedding traditions and I enjoy reviewing a wide range of these with couples to determine what they’d like in their ceremony. Today’s couples represent such an amalgamation of cultures and religious practices that mixing up the traditions is often a good way to incorporate a bit of each spouse’s heritage. But until the other day I had never had a couple with no Jewish heritage, ask to include the breaking of the glass at the ceremony’s conclusion.

Maybe it is the burst of joy in everyone shouting “Mazel Tov” that I so love – it sure brings a smile to everyone’s face. Or maybe it is simply the fact this couple is embracing stepping outside the box of convention.

There are several interpretations of the breaking of the glass ceremony, even within the Jewish faith. As with all components of a wedding, I have researched the various possibilities and then written my own version. Some versions are deeply rooted in the Hebrew faith and I don’t feel it is appropriate for me to use those. But there are several more interpretations. One angle on the tradition is that people build needless barriers between themselves and this is a reminder to shatter those barriers. Rather, put your energy into building a relationship founded on respect and unity. Another aspect is that life is fragile and so we are reminded to live life to its fullest. Or that a single act can destroy your marriage so be reminded of the sacredness of the marriage vows. And finally, may the couple’s marriage exceed the impossible length of time it would take to reassemble the shattered glass.

When you choose to work with me as your wedding minister, I’ll gladly review with you the myriad options of things that can be included in your ceremony. From ancient traditions to newer practices, if I haven’t done it I’ll research it and help you make it a meaningful part of your northern New Mexico wedding ceremony.

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