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Gay & Lesbian Welcome

Lots of gay and lesbian couples have been working with me to formally tie the knot. The stories are myriad and heartwarming. So many of these couples have had many committed years together. As Pharrell Williams recently said on Ellen (paraphrased), “It’s 2014 and we can put people on the moon, a rover on Mars and yet gay couples aren’t given the same rights as their straight counterparts. What’s wrong with this picture?”

The great news for lesbian and gay couples coming to New Mexico for their wedding is that you’ll be given a royal welcome. Couples have reported to me that here in the Taos County Clerk’s office, the staff calls out their co-workers and the couples are heartily congratulated and welcomed. Procuring your gay marriage license takes 10 easy minutes and who knew, it is an uplifting experience! From accommodations to restaurants, I hear only reports of enthusiastic acceptance here in northern New Mexico.

This can be a challenging thing to reconcile after years of discrimination. Many of the lesbian and gay weddings I’ve been performing are for couples from Oklahoma, Missouri and Texas. Some live in communities that begrudgingly accept their lifestyle – i.e., “Don’t ask, don’t tell.” And more importantly, don’t you dare talk about it – or do anything that could be perceived as flaunting. In other words, stay in your closet and we’ll look the other way that you’re two people of the same sex living at the same address.

If this sounds like your experience, come on over to northern New Mexico and experience the new normal. We’re not The Castro or Provincetown, but you can be yourself, be comfortable in that and get a sense of where society is headed.

Shoot me an email. I delight in helping lesbian and gay couples find the perfect venue for their ceremony whether it is for two or a larger group. I love putting together a ceremony that fulfills your needs. Need help with a photographer or flowers? Let me know. A gay ceremony or lesbian wedding in Taos County will be very memorable.

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