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Labyrinth Weddings

Have you ever walked a labyrinth? Have you ever considered getting married in a labyrinth? If you’re looking for a unique wedding location, we have the answer for you in northern New Mexico. Taos has an incredible collection of labyrinths, many of which are available to the public. Many more labyrinths are on the grounds of bed and breakfasts and available to guests. For complete at labyrinths in the Taos area follow this link.

Officiating weddings finds me in a number of unique outdoor wedding locations and pursuing many types and styles of ceremonies as I fulfill my primary goal of providing a couple with the ceremony they’ve always wanted. Putting together a labyrinth wedding ceremony is near the top. It is an excellent way to incorporate intentions into a ceremony and provide yourselves, if this is an elopement, or your guests, with a truly unique and memorable wedding ceremony.

Walking the labyrinth starts with some words that set a meditative tone and establish stillness so that as you walk inwardly on the labyrinth, you also go inwardly in yourself. It is about letting go of aspects of yourself that no longer serve you and that wouldn’t serve your marriage. After the ceremony, at the center of the labyrinth, you again walk the labyrinth, outwardly. Here you gain the intentions for your path ahead.

Labyrinths have been around for 1000s of years and have been important in many cultures. Here in the southwest, we naturally adapt to the native American interpretations of the labyrinth.

If you’re looking for a marriage celebrant in the Taos area, and especially one that likes to do “different” then I look forward to hearing from you!san geronimo labyrinth full

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