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A Fun Denver Wedding

In May I had the pleasure of officiating a large wedding at the History Colorado Center in downtown Denver. Having lived in Denver for 30 years, I still have many connections there and do occasionally take on a Denver wedding officiant job. This particular wedding was fun and themed which makes my job a little harder which actually means I love it all the more. Putting together a ceremony within a theme gets me outside of the box and more fully into my creative mode.

For this wedding, they wanted some humor and lightness and a ceremony built around a literary theme. The couple and I came up with favorite quotes which I scattered throughout the ceremony and with one, I even had the guests see if they could guess the author (they couldn’t). I’ll not reveal the quote here in case I spring it on you during your unique wedding ceremony!

Dan snaps a picture of the couple during ceremony.

The most fun we had in the ceremony was my telling the story of their first date when a stranger snapped a picture of the couple and texted it to them. During their ceremony I snapped a picture of them on their phone and they later sent it to the stranger. The guests loved this spontaneity and I love officiating when I know I’ve really captivated the guests with an out-of-the-ordinary wedding ceremony.

Are you planning a Denver wedding? Check your date with me! I still get up that way a few times a year and might be available. Or if you’re having a northern New Mexico wedding ceremony, I’d love to help you make it memorable, fun and full of heart and spirit. I write my ceremonies and each one is unique, so you’re assured of having something engaging and built around your beliefs and wishes.

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