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Going with the Flow

Here’s the latest installment in my ongoing theme of being a Taos wedding officiant that loves what he does and goes with the flow. Stressing over unknowns only compounds the stress. You’ll have enough on your mind on the day of your wedding ceremony, so having a marriage celebrant that looks to facilitate matters and de-stress any challenges that develop on your wedding day will keep things calm.

SpiriTaos elopement in Taos, New Mexico
SpiriTaos elopement in Taos, New Mexico

Last week I was officiating for a destination elopement in Taos, actually in my home gardens of SpiriTaos, for a same sex couple. It was just the two of them and so I needed to round up a second witness, the first being Deanna Nelson, the fine photographer from www.PoeticImages.net. I left a message for a neighbor to please stop by if she was available and hoped I would see by the end of the ceremony.

We got the outdoor elopement ceremony underway and the couple had a very emotional exchange of sentiments and I was on the verge of tears at the heartfelt words they spoke to one another. That doesn’t happen to me often, so I knew the words were truly coming from the heart. After the vows I heard a car driving up my road and I was relieved, assuming my neighbor was coming by to serve as a witness and sign the marriage license.

As I pronounced them wives in marriage and concluded the ceremony I heard a car door slam and we walked back towards my entryway. At that moment a woman with a large manila envelope walked through the gate and announced she was looking for Dan Jones.

I should mention that earlier in the day I’d been tipped off that I might be getting served in a frivolous lawsuit for an organization I’m involved with. Being that it was not something of concern to me I barely gave it second thought until this moment.

I greeted the new arrival, confirmed my identity, took the package and simultaneously said, “Thank you so much for coming by and your timing couldn’t be more perfect. Would you be willing to stay just a moment and sign this couple’s marriage license as one of their witnesses?” She was pleased to do so and yet another ceremony was concluded with a happy outcome.

As the server departed I said to her, “I bet my reception wasn’t exactly what you were expecting?” and she agreed quite heartily.


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