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Wedding Joy at El Monte Sagrado in Taos, New Mexico

A really special and unique wedding experience awaits those who opt for their wedding ceremony at El Monte Sagrado in Taos, New Mexico. El Monte Sagrado offers many amenities – in fact, too many to go into here, so check out their website. One of my favorite aspects of El Monte Sagrado is the Sacred Circle which is an old ceremonial ground of the Taos Pueblo and it is ringed by ancient cottonwood trees and its perimeter flows with streams and waterfalls. The spirit of Taos is palpable in the Sacred Circle.

El Monte Sagrado offers a full range of wedding opportunities – elopements to over-the-top extravaganzas! Their Intimate Wedding Package is very popular and I officiate as the wedding celebrant for many of these ceremonies. They will flex the package to meet your needs and can accommodate anywhere from no guests (yes, an elopement) on up.

Perhaps the best testament I can offer you on the experience of having your New Mexico outdoor wedding at El Monte Sagrado is to read a recent bride’s unsolicited blog about it. I just learned about this blog and she does a wonderful job of capturing the aura of Taos and why it is so appealing to couples for their intimate wedding. If you read the entire blog you’ll learn a lot about the charm and mystique of Taos – where history abounds and spirit prevails.

El Monte Sagrado also welcomes LGBT couples in Taos. They’re not alone in this respect – everyone and everyplace I encounter in Taos are proud of our progressive laws and warmly welcome all couples. 346-7And as this picture shows, we know how to have fun during your ceremony – of course this is not something unique to an LGBT ceremony. And speaking of pictures, this was taken by Deanna Nelson of Poetic Images. She and I often work together and she does an amazing job of capturing the personalities and special moments of your wedding day.

Learn more about me as a Taos wedding officiant by looking over my website and if you’d like more information, submit an inquiry so we can arrange a time to speak in person, by phone or Skype. I offer very affordable services as a wedding celebrant in many New Mexico wedding locations.

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