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Taos Light

People come to Taos for many reasons. Couples come to Taos to get married for many reasons. Maybe the light isn’t your primary criteria in making your choice, but it surely can lend magic to your unique outdoor wedding location, particularly your northern New Mexico wedding location.

As a wedding officiant you might not think the light would be high on my list of things to notice. I’m a hobby photographer and am pretty tuned in to the light and what it can do to photographs. And as a wedding minister I’ll work with you and your photographer to help you determine the best location for the ceremony so that it can be memorably captured through the lens.

Below are a couple of examples of what the light can do here in northern New Mexico, particularly in the evening.

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The wedding picture was taken by Deanna Nelson of Poetic Images who is not only fun to work with, she’s a professional that knows how to capture the images you want. The picture is taken in the garden of SpiriTaos, my home which serves as an intimate outdoor wedding venue for small weddings here in Taos. Deanna shoots many weddings here and knows how to utilize the light and the gardens to capture your wedding day with captivating images.

The other couple of pictures are ones I have taken, the first at SpiriTaos, the second of Arroyo Hondo, that show how sunset light can enliven a picture and sometimes be so magical as to be startling!




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