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What’s Your Backup Plan?

Do you have contingency plans for your wedding day? I hate bringing you down (but it is just for a moment) to the possibilities of an emergency situation on the day you’re planning with such care. What got me thinking about it was the call I got last night for availability after a couple learned their officiant had just died. Whew, talk about an unpleasant and awkward situation.

Is a backup plan something you talk to your vendors about? Usually you think to discuss rainy day alternatives with your venue (assuming you’re using an outdoor wedding location). How about your photographer or florist? Are you working with an individual or a company that will have other staff to cover them in case of an emergency. It’s a good question to ask and easier to ask well in advance rather than 24 hours before your ceremony when the emergency is unfolding.

As a northern New Mexico wedding officiant I’m very fortunate to have networked with a number of my colleagues in all areas where I travel – Albuquerque to Santa Fe to Taos and on up into Colorado – Alamosa, Salida, Colorado Springs and the greater Denver area. So while I hope there’s never an emergency, I do have other experienced marriage celebrants that I can call on in case of an emergency. My philosophy is that the best way to avoid a crisis is to be prepared for it.

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