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Marriage Equality

It’s hard to believe that just a few short years ago LGBTQ weddings were the exception (legal in only a few states). Back when I was in college, fighting for gay rights, the question of same sex marriage was far off my radar. I couldn’t fathom I’d ever see it legalized. Nor could I imagine a day when I might be a wedding officiant, a wedding minister in Taos, New Mexico no less! (I am from the east coast and went to college in the Midwest.)

An intimate same sex marriage in late winter. Taos Mountain in the background.
An intimate same sex marriage in late winter. Taos Mountain in the background.
An early September wedding in the SpiriTaos gardens.
An early September wedding in the SpiriTaos gardens.

And so it is amazing that today same sex weddings are seemingly so universally-accepted, at least here in northern New Mexico. I just hope that the underpinnings of our democracy do not change. They have been so shaken in the last couple of months. It wouldn’t seem possible now that society has progressed to a more open-minded state. What was a novelty a few years ago has become part of mainstream society. Yippee!

Despite same sex marriage being routine now, it is still very emotional for me to facilitate lesbian and gay weddings. I’m accustomed to seeing the emotional joy and love written on the faces of couples during their marriage vows. But there is a deeper emotion I see during same sex weddings. I attribute that to the newness of it and that the couple is still somewhat in disbelief at what they’re able to do.

I know that there are many places in our country – and many countries around the world – where the freedoms and acceptance of the LGBT community have not yet come to be. And for this reason our society cannot be complacent. We need to continue celebrating our own advances. In doing so we showcase for the world how this progressive embrace of all people strengthens the United States and its citizens. We are enriched when our lives intertwine with diversity. All realms of diversity – sexual orientation and gender identity – and the gamut of religion, ethnicity, race, gender, you name it.

If you’re thinking of a Taos destination wedding or Taos destination elopement I’d be honored for you to consider me as your wedding celebrant in Taos. Read more about my background on my About Page. Bring your diversity here so we can celebrate together!

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