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2 Ideas for Unique Wedding Ceremonies

Do you want to have a conventional wedding ceremony that your guests yawn through? Or would you like it to be innovative and personal? As a Taos wedding minister I love to craft unique wedding ceremonies that speak to the couple I’m working with and in turn their guests. Conventions can be incorporated – I understand that they are often of sentimental value. Let’s face it, we all hope to only once walk down the aisle.

Taos wedding officiant Dan Jones watches this couple water their lilac in a symbolic gesture of caring for something greater than their individualities.

1. Personalize Your Ceremony

One obvious way to personalize your ceremony is to choose a unique outdoor wedding location. And if you’re planning a Taos destination wedding it is easy to find venues that will impress your guests. There’s nothing better than your guests having a grand view to gaze at while they await your walk down the aisle. And once the ceremony gets under way how about capturing their attention and keeping it focused on you with the ceremony?

As a wedding celebrant in Taos (I like the term celebrant since it emphasizes the celebration!) ask me about my Sharing Strength ceremony or the Wine Ceremony. The latter pairs nicely with the Wine Box Ceremony. Even if you find these on-line please know that I have written my own versions. We don’t want your guests to hear what they heard at the last wedding they attended!

2. Plant Nurturing

One ceremony within the ceremony that is particularly sweet is what I call Plant Nurturing. We can use a houseplant that you’ll love in your home or a tree or shrub you’ll be planting in your landscape. Perhaps you have a favorite plant you’d like to use? Or are you fans of apples? Let’s plant an apple tree. (Imagine the memories in a few years when you bite into a delicious fresh apple knowing you planted it on your wedding day!)

I’ll talk about your working together to properly care for the plant and make analogies to how that parallels your relationship and your mutual caring for it so that it grows and thrives through the coming years. I point out your emphasis on seeing past your individualities and now focusing on something greater than yourself. I’ll use a beautiful quote from John Lennon to emphasize the point. To demonstrate the point of your mutual nurturing you can both add soil to the plant and/or water.

A couple adds soil to a plant during their wedding
A Plant Nuturing ceremony at a wedding

Hannah & Ryan add soil to their lilac bush which they’ll plant in their garden

If the ceremony happens to be at your house we can actually plant it during the ceremony. More often than not though it is easier (and cleaner!) to simply have it in a pot. You can have your own private ceremony together – when you’re not in a suit and gown – and plant the tree or shrub in your garden.

In this ceremony, as with all the options I offer couples to include, I will walk you through what it entails, how it will look and what you’ll need to make it happen. That’s part of what I’ll do as your Taos wedding officiant so you can relax and be present with yourselves and your guests on your wedding day.

Your Unique Ceremony

Two of my favorite lines of feedback after a ceremony are either that the ceremony was perfectly crafted for the couple and/or that it was unique and special – unlike any other wedding they’ve attended. So let’s craft your ceremony to be your very own – a blend of convention and distinctiveness that works for you.

Check out my Uniquely Yours ceremony that incorporates anything you’re after in a ceremony. Look good? Give me a call to learn more. 720-849-5967

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