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Five Best Wedding Ideas I Have Encountered as a Wedding Officiant

By officiating dozens of wedding ceremonies each year in northern New Mexico, I bring a lot of wedding ideas to couples that we incorporate into their ceremony. That’s expected of me and is a favorite part of my job. I love when a couple responds to an idea of mine with, “Oh, I love that, how do we do it?”

But as a Taos wedding minister what I love even more are the ideas that couples bring to me! That’s how I learn and grow and expand what I can offer to future couples.

So what follows are five of my favorite innovations that you might think about trying in your Taos wedding ceremony. Or, maybe these will inspire you to think up your own unique twist!

5th Best Wedding Idea: Co-officiants

If your marriage is going to be a blending of beliefs, religions or cultures why not have two officiants to represent that blending? In the past I have co-officiated with a wedding officiant of Jewish heritage and I represented the Christian faith.

co-officiating a wedding ceremony
Co-officiating with Sajit Greene

4th Best Wedding Idea: Be adventuresome

I’ve officiated at a waterfall in the mountains, driven a snowmobile to 11,000 feet in a blizzard, hiked to a mountaintop and snowshoed in a storm. I’m waiting for my first hot air balloon ceremony!

A blizzard wedding at Keystone.
Blizzard wedding at Keystone Ski Area, Colorado

3rd Best Wedding Idea: Sunset

Time your wedding ceremony to coincide with sunset. Make sure you consult your photographer first – it can make for awesome pictures or frustrating challenges – depending on your timeline and location. Or how about an after-dark, full moon ceremony?

sunset weddings are magical
Magic of ceremony at sunset

2nd Best Wedding Idea: Element of surprise

Have a special guest or family member from a distant place (that isn’t expected to attend) appear. Yes, it’ll steal a bit of the show from you, but only briefly. Maybe even have this person do a special reading during the ceremony?

Number 1 Best Wedding Idea: Dance the recessional.

I’ve seen this done a number of ways. The important thing is to have it rehearsed and the music cued up and loud. Guests go wild seeing you celebrate and having fun!

…and all the rest of the best wedding ideas

Have your dog be the ring bearer (use faux rings!), get married on your Harley, or hire a horse-drawn carriage for your arrival.

Now start fantasizing about what would be fun for you! If you’d like to discuss your ideas with me, feel free to give me a call or fill out my contact form. Any hot air ballooners out there?

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