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Characteristics of a Strong Marriage: When Being Home Means Being with Your Spouse

What does love mean to you? To your fiancé? Is this something you discuss? Interesting concept, eh? When we think about the characteristics of a strong marriage, we must ask ourselves what does love means to you? Concurrently, what is your definition of home? What does feeling at home mean to you? Is it possible that the two equate?

A couple exchange vows with the mountains of Taos, New Mexico in the background.
The stunning mountain panorama at the SpiriTaos gardens in Taos are the perfect backdrop to the heartfelt love emanating from this couple.

All the physical comforts in the world can create a sense of home. But is that as comforting as being at home in your heart? Isn’t being with your fiancé or spouse the closest thing to truly being home?

Lots of questions! My hope is to stimulate you into some pondering and discussion. There isn’t a right answer. But discussion of these topics is a great way to bring you both closer together and help you know one another more deeply. And that sets a foundation for a strong, resilient and durable marriage.

My idea for all these questions has come from working as a Taos wedding officiant with so many diverse couples over the years. You might want to read my recent blog on The Look of Love which dabbles in this same topic. There is a palpable and discernible quality some couples exhibit. From it I have a sense that they are a team and I think that is really fundamental. When it shines through under the stresses of their wedding day it speaks volumes. And during the ceremony the love I see in their eyes while saying vows to each other is solid and genuine.

In my own experience and in talking to couples, I know that ultimately being with your spouse is truly being and feeling at home. You might be on a bouncing primitive train in mountainous Peru, dining at a café in Paris, camped in a rainstorm or sitting in the comfort of your living room. But the act of simply being together lends a sense of completeness in your heart. It is a sense of well-being that isn’t otherwise manifested, and is clearly one of the characteristics of a strong marriage.

Following are a few pictures to demonstrate what I’m talking about.

Two brides after getting married in the SpiriTaos gardens.
You know it’s love! These brides came to interview me and then said, “Let’s just do it now,” spontaneously exchanging vows at the SpiriTaos gardens in Taos, New Mexico.
A couple hold hands in joyful celebration of their marriage.
That “just married” look of love at the Great Sand Dunes in southern Colorado. Ask Taos wedding officiant Dan Jones about making this your unique wedding location!

And if you’re ready to find a unique outdoor wedding location in northern New Mexico and work with a wedding officiant that understands the depth of your love, send me an inquiry and let’s get started!

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