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Why Are Wedding Pranks A Good Idea?

Are you ready to have some fun on your wedding day? After all your months of planning, it’s time to have a little fun. Wedding officiants have fun comparing notes when they get together, and the most fun is to share the creative wedding pranks couples have used to get a laugh from their guests. Many of these are outside of the ceremony itself.

I encourage couples to use one or two lighthearted wedding pranks during their ceremony. As a wedding minister I have observed that a laugh from the guests breaks the tension of the day. I can see guests settle a little more into their chairs, becoming more present for the ceremony itself.

A couple laughs at the beginning of their wedding ceremony
These brides at the SpiriTaos gardens share a laugh with their guests.

One of my favorite ways to do this is to ask a joke vow question – outside of the serious vows, of course. Guests don’t expect it. And even though the couple knows it is coming (I would never potentially embarrass a couple without their knowledge) they get a good laugh because of the laughter of their guests.

An unexpected lighthearted moment during an wedding can help release nervous tension
Taos wedding officiant Dan Jones shares a lighthearted moment with this couple and their guests at the SpiriTaos gardens in Taos, New Mexico.

Another easy – and even spontaneous – way to celebrate is with the walk out at the recessional. When a couple has rehearsed this ahead of time it is great fun. I always encourage that the recessional music come in loud and strong immediately following the introduction of the couple at the ceremony’s conclusion. If they react with great joy and have some dance steps to move down the aisle their guests love it and a tone is set for the ensuing festivities.

Laughter at the end of a highly emotional wedding ceremony is the perfect way to set the mood for the reception.
One of my all-time favorite wedding moments. These brides and their guests were so full of heartfelt emotion and that includes this laughter at the conclusion of their wedding ceremony.

There are lots of other fun things you can do for fun at your ceremony. Check out these suggestions! And for a taste of the many things you can find by searching on YouTube, here’s another way to get a good laugh – or to get you thinking about your own prank!

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