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The Best Way to Elope With A Meaningful Ceremony

Are you looking for the best way to elope? You’ve probably done the thinking about elopement versus a full-on formal wedding and that’s why you’re looking here. Yes, it is possible to have a very meaningful elopement when it is just the two of you. In fact, think of all the great memories you can create since you won’t be distracted worrying about your guests’ comfort, or if Grandma can make it or if all those friends in the wedding party will do what they’re supposed to do. It’s just the two of you eloping and you can focus on things being just as you’d like them to be.

A simple elopement with lots of meaning.

Elopement Wedding Packages

Eloping is popular and you have a lot of choices — frequently the best way to elope is with a destination elopement package. Do you want a mountain elopement package or an adventure elopement package? You can find inexpensive elopement packages and ones that feature elopement photographers.

A Labyrinth elopement at the Adobe & Pines Inn

Practically DIY Elopements

At Embracing Ceremony we’ve designed our Elopement Packages to provide what our recently-married couples have asked for in their elopement experiences with us. If economy is what you’re after and you have the time to cover most of the details, take a look at our SpiriTaos Elopement Package which will get the job done with a meaningful ceremony. We can provide you with a Taos-area resource list to help you plan for the features of your elopement that you’d like to include. Do you want a New Mexican dinner afterward? A photographer to capture the magic moments? How about a simple bouquet?

Upgraded Elopements Are Still Elopements

If you do not want to plan the details, upgrade to our SpiriTaos Elopement Plus Package which takes care of more of the planning for you. If you check out our Intimate Wedding Packages you’ll find options that include a photographer that will craft meaningful shots of you during the ceremony and afterwards to best capture the surroundings and your love. I’ve done a lot of elopement ceremonies and I never cease to be amazed at the emotions that emerge during the ceremony and the way they can be captured by a skilled photographer. We feature the SpiriTaos Gardens as your venue or we can travel to the spot you’ve selected. Some packages offer flowers, cake, a celebratory bottle of fine New Mexican champagne and a violinist.

A newly married couple walk away from the Gorge Bridge Overlook

Eloping Etiquette for the Best Way to Elope

As in all our wedding work, Embracing Ceremony is about doing it your way, catering to your wishes. Will yours be an LGBTQ elopement? Gay elopements are one of our specialties. And if you’re gender bending we want to provide you with a meaningful experience while making sure you have a relaxed and fun elopement as well.

The only etiquette we require in our work is that you show up with your county-acquired license in hand and rings and we’ll take care of the rest. What questions can I help with? Make an inquiry so I can give you a hand.

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