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The Ins and Outs of A New Mexico Marriage

A New Mexico marriage offers just about the full range of possibilities. Are you looking for a unique location for a destination wedding? New Mexico offers a terrific getaway from the pressured atmosphere of the coasts and big cities. How would you like the stark simplicity of your wedding pictures to feature you on a plain of sagebrush with magically-lit mountains in the background? How about a wedding ceremony in a world class resort just a few miles from fabulous activities for your guests?

A photographer takes photos of a newly married couple in New Mexico
The photographer captures the stark beauty of New Mexico in this couple’s wedding photos.

New Mexico is the country’s fifth largest state and has climate and terrain ranging from hot to cool, mountainous to austere desert. In northern New Mexico where I’m a wedding minister in Taos, there are myriad activities that will serve as enticements to your guests to travel to The Land of Enchantment. Or come alone for we can be the Land of Elopement as well! For your destination wedding you can lure your guests with hot air ballooning, whitewater rafting, horseback riding, rock climbing, mountain biking, hiking, backpacking, mountain climbing, and in the winter the legendary skiing of the Taos Ski Valley.

Weather Considerations for a New Mexico Marriage

If you’re utilizing the town of Taos for your New Mexico marriage, check the weather statistics for your chosen month. Ask locals about what to expect for weather at the time of your wedding. Taos is high desert at 7,000 feet. That means when the sun goes down it gets chilly, particularly in spring and fall. Spring is our windy time and the later in the day you go, the better the chance of gusty winds. Our summer climate is significantly affected by our annual monsoons that typically arrive around July 4. Prior to that, June is often our hottest month of the summer with little chance of showers. After the monsoons arrive afternoons can cloud up and thunderstorms are a possibility. Fall is often tranquil and stunning, but occasional storms do roll through.

A couple basks in the sunshine while they say their vows in New Mexico
Abundant sunshine is usually available for any wedding ceremony or vow renewal in New Mexico.

Does all that sound dire for planning your northern New Mexico wedding? I’m just giving you some possibilities and don’t mean to dissuade. Since we have over 300 days a year of sunshine you’ve got statistics on your side. I always say it is best to plan an indoor or covered/protected alternate to your outdoor ceremony location. If you do that you can almost be assured it won’t be needed!

Transportation To Your Wedding

Taos now has limited air connections to southern California, Austin and Dallas. Santa Fe, 1.5 hours south, has jet service to a handful of cities in the west. Albuquerque, 2.5 hours south offers full air travel and connections.

Driving to Taos has many rewards. From any direction, the drive is beautiful, taking you through desert and mountains. If you’re a history buff, there are lots of historical sites as well as places of natural beauty to explore.

A New Mexico marriage at the 
Fechin House in Taos
The Fechin House is a favorite historical site for weddings and photo opportunities.

Once in Taos there are shuttles, rentals and Ubers to get around. Or walk! If you stay in central Taos there are many key things centrally located.

Dining Options for New Mexico Weddings

Taos is known for a wide variety of fine dining establishments. And many places that offer classic home-cooked New Mexican cuisine. Whether you’re planning a reception for a couple of hundred people or want an intimate elopement dinner, Taos offers myriad options for your New Mexico marriage.

Planning Your New Mexico Marriage

As a Taos wedding officiant I’ve got a lot of experience with other wedding vendors in the area. Feel free to ask me if I have any ideas for you. And I’m certainly available to answer questions about what you’re looking for in a wedding officiant. I’d love to hear from you and hope I might have the opportunity to work with you. Give me a call at 720-849-5967 or shoot me an email via my contact form.

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