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Should You Get Married on Christmas? Pros and Cons of Holiday Weddings

Are you thinking about a wedding around the winter holidays? Have you always thought you’d like to get married on Christmas? How about a New Year’s Eve wedding? You’ll certainly capture your guests in the mood to have a party! That you’re even pondering the possibilities tells me you’re a winter person and probably well aware of the need to think about cold weather comfort.

A couple getting married at Christmas in Taos, New Mexico.
Dan performs a Christmas wedding in Taos.

How hardy are you?

I’ve officiated many a winter wedding where the couple is so consumed by their shivering (accentuated by nerves) that I fear they’re not very present for their ceremony. You may think, “Oh, I can tough it out for 20 minutes” but do you really want to do that for 20 of the most important minutes in your life?

There are other pros and cons to consider about getting married at Christmas. If you’re planning to get married in Taos keep the weather in mind. Taos weather can be quite variable being that we’re surrounded by mountains and at 7,000 feet of elevation. Anything you plan for outdoors should have an indoor backup plan. And unless you’re planning to really bundle up, aim for the “heat” of the day, say between noon and 3 p.m.

A wedding outdoors where the bride is wearing a red dress for her Christmas wedding.
This bride wore red for her holiday wedding, and it was unseasonably warm that year so she got lucky!

Eloping at Christmas vs. Hosting a Full Wedding

If you’re eloping to Taos that simplifies things significantly. You only have to consider the comfort of the two of you! And of course that of your Taos wedding officiant and photographer. I’m an intrepid Taos wedding minister, happy to join you and facilitate whatever adventure you have in mind.

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If you’re planning an intimate wedding in northern New Mexico with a few guests or have a larger event in mind, you’ll now have the comfort of many more guests to consider. Outdoor settings should be situated such that your guests are sitting in the sun. You may want to provide cushions to sit on, blankets to wrap in and hand warmers.

What About Your Anniversaries?

Give some thought to the future. Is celebrating your wedding anniversary on Christmas or New Year’s appealing? Would you like to combine celebrations in the future? If you’re someone that finds it challenging to keep track of dates, then you pretty much assure you’ll always remember your anniversary. But do you want to dilute that with all the other festivities going on?

Perhaps you do not celebrate Christmas? That would present you with another host of considerations for the timing of your wedding, but could make it much easier to get married at Christmas!

The wedding ring photo of a couple that got married on Christmas
A nice holiday bouquet makes a great backdrop for the traditional wedding ring photo.

If you’ll be engaging the services of a venue and other wedding vendors, ask them up front about charges for their services on a holiday. That would be particularly true if you’re thinking of having your wedding on New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day. Some wedding vendors may have surcharges or higher rates for these high-demand days. Plug that information into your overall budget to make sure it works for you financially.

And finally, for those winter holiday weddings in Taos with guests you’ll want to consider their availability to travel around the holidays. This is a conversation you’ll no doubt want to have with the people on your list you most hope can make the trip.

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