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Find Perfect Locations for Destination Elopements in Taos

The most frequent question I get is for assistance in determining locations for destination elopements in Taos. There are so many great options! My goal is to make eloping in Taos easy for you to plan and something you’ll always remember with joy.

A wedding officiated by Dan Jones at the Bareiss Gallery location
The Bareiss Gallery is one of the locations for destination elopements in Taos that we can arrange for you.

Do you want a quintessential Taos courtyard in town? A thrilling spot beside the Rio Grande Gorge? A mountain setting in the forest or beside a stream? I’ve officiated in a lot of places! Over the last decade I’ve developed my favorite places. Now I’ve assembled a list of these places, complete with pictures to help you select the spot best suited to your needs and desires.

Locations for Destination Elopements in Taos

Check out my new Micro Wedding Page which features the convenient and colorful SpiriTaos Gardens. If you’d like to see additional location options, send me an email and I’ll send you the link for many more options. And let me know if you have additional questions. On the page link I’ll provide, I’ve broken the list into two sections. One list is of places on public land where you do not need a permit and there is no charge. The other list is for private wedding venues in New Mexico that have a fee. In some cases I have a special arrangement with these venues and can do the legwork of booking the venue and I’ve indicated this in the description. In other cases you’ll have to contact the venue directly and make your own arrangements. This is often because you may be staying there or you’ll need the help of their catering department.

The Rio Hondo makes a great wedding photo backdrop
The Rio Grande makes a great wedding photo backdrop!

Last-Minute Elopement Location Selection

Some couples don’t want to commit to their elopement spot until they’ve gotten into town and checked it out. As long as I know 24 hours in advance, I’m good with that – assuming you have previously engaged my services. From experience I can tell you that 9 times out of 10 if you’re considering having the ceremony at your hotel or AirBnb, you’ll probably love it once you’ve seen it. We have a lot of wonderful accommodations in town that have beautiful places for an intimate ceremony. If you’re thinking of trying for this option, make inquiries at the time of booking. Look for pictures of the grounds.

As you start to narrow down your list of options, keep in mind the month of your ceremony. And the time of day you prefer. Let me know if you have questions about these variables and what weather is possible. If you’re booking a package with me we can also discuss time of sunset and best lighting for pictures, especially for your chosen location.

Let me know your specific questions. I’m here to help!

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