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An Exciting New Micro Wedding Venue in Taos

A trial run in the new micro weddings venue in Taos
A trial run before the Ramada was completed

We are really excited to announce – after several years of planning, construction and refinement – the SpiriTaos Gardens micro wedding venue in Taos. As a Taos wedding celebrant I saw a need in northern New Mexico for a beautiful setting, with a sacred mountain view and a sheltered ramada in case of intense sun or a rainy day, rare as that is in Taos. As a micro wedding venue in Taos, SpiriTaos offers open spaces, intimate garden vignettes for professional photography and a beautiful aisle for the bride to enter in if you’re planning a Taos micro wedding or intimate wedding celebration. And as an elopement venue, the SpiriTaos gardens really shine. You can choose the spot you best like for your ceremony.

Ready to look at some pictures of the SpiriTaos Garden micro wedding venue? Click here to see our library of images and if those aren’t enough, click here to see even more images by our favorite photographer.

The gorgeous SpiriTaos Gardens micro wedding venue
Picture yourself in this setting!

We’ve got elopement packages, intimate wedding packages and an all-inclusive micro wedding package. They’re all designed to be held in our new garden venue. We’ve got pages for each, so check them out for details. Taos elopement packages here and for bigger guest lists, try one of our Taos micro wedding packages. Most of our packages feature our gardens as the micro wedding venue.

What are the features of our new garden wedding venue in Taos? For starters, it is quiet and private and less than 10 minutes from the Taos Plaza. After years of officiating elopement ceremonies on public lands, it is a relief to not have a concern over whether or not someone else may already be using a particular spot. Or having passersby stop and stare. All pathways are fully accessible! It is close to The Love Apple if you’d like to plan on a sumptuous dinner after your wedding ceremony here in Taos. We have created innumerable photo spots featuring flowers, garden vignettes, open meadows and of course, quintessential Taos Mountain views.

even in the winter, this elopement venue has interesting features
The SpiriTaos Gardens elopement venue has interest even in winter

If you’re looking for the two of you to come by for a quick – but memorable and scenic – elopement ceremony we’ve got you covered. The same is true if you want to include up to 24 guests and have your flowers taken care of as well as sweet violin music during the ceremony. Also, in our micro wedding package you’ll all be served a delicious wedding cake and New Mexican champagne.

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