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Wedding Packages with Photography

Recently, with the opening of our new micro wedding venue, SpiriTaos Gardens, we re-tooled our offerings to include wedding packages with photography. In the wedding business, like most businesses I suppose, we adapt with the changing of the times. For myself, I started out as a wedding minister. As such I officiated hundreds of weddings and saw things done many different ways. Even before Covid, as weddings were getting smaller and smaller, I could see that couples were re-prioritizing how they wanted to approach their big day. And then Covid hit and has continued the trend of having smaller, more intimate weddings and hence the micro wedding was born.

Through this progression two things have remained relatively constant.

  1. You still need the ceremony! A wedding wouldn’t really be a wedding without the ceremony.
  2. You’ll want photographs of your wedding ceremony.

In today’s busy world, a couple often doesn’t have the time to do all the legwork for planning their wedding day, and in particular when it is to be a destination wedding. Hence the all-inclusive micro wedding package was created.

Through my years of officiating weddings in northern New Mexico, and mostly doing destination weddings in Taos, New Mexico, I have worked with many great wedding professionals. That made it easy to build packages that feature great photography as well as other basics and necessities of a wedding ceremony.

Our photographer has been shooting weddings in northern New Mexico for longer than I have lived here (over a decade). She understands the magic light of Taos and uses it to good advantage. And she is also intrepid. If she and I are booked for a wedding, we’ll make it happen. Here’s an image of her on New Year’s Day, 2022 when we’d just received 8” of fresh snow.

Our wedding package photographer captures a couple in 8 inches of snow

This micro wedding was held in the SpiriTaos Gardens and I did a lot of shoveling in preparation. We can’t guarantee you a pristine snowfall as backdrop to your wedding, but we can promise you that we’ll go the extra mile to insure that you have a memorable day. I was gratified that the couple was happy and that is really our ultimate goal. They wrote,

“Dan went above and beyond for us in making our special day an amazingly joyous and memorable occasion, and all with precious little notice and challenging weather conditions to contend with. As an officiant, Dan was a superb orator, and spoke from a script that was thoughtfully-written, evocative, and expressive – a real testament to his professional ability to capture the love and joy of the moment and the day. The combination of his celebratory words with the absolutely stunning backdrop and location made our wedding a day that will live long in our memories. I could not recommend Embracing Ceremony more highly to anyone wishing to tie the knot in a truly unique and magical fashion!”

I mentioned other wedding professionals. We have micro wedding packages that include such things as a professional bakery cake, florist flowers, violin music and of course photography. And the SpiriTaos Gardens as venue which offers the “absolutely stunning backdrop” mentioned above. Take a few minutes and browse our website to see all we have to offer and then reach out to me with your questions. I hope that we have the perfect wedding package with photography to make your memorable wedding ceremony last forever.

This couple chose a wedding package with photography. Their photos were taken after their ceremony in Taos, New Mexico

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