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The Magic of an Outdoor Micro Wedding Venue

Groom kisses his bride amongst the wild iris blooming.
SpiriTaos meadow with wild iris blooming

Choosing the right outdoor micro wedding venue is an important decision! It might help for you to jot down some of your criteria to help you sort out the best option. Things such as:

  • Expansive views
  • Intimate surroundings
  • Colorful garden setting
  • Protection in case of inclement weather
  • Easy and accessible access
  • Comfortable experience for guests
  • A variety of beautiful spots for photography
  • Access to amenities to make it a memorable wedding experience for you and your guests
A groom kisses his bride in a whimsical outdoor micro wedding venue.
Whimsical garden settings abound at SpiriTaos

Does your list look anything like that? I’m sure you can add more! Embracing Ceremony has created an outdoor micro wedding venue that should check a lot of things off your list, including all of the items above.

The Embracing Ceremony Outdoor Micro Wedding Venue

We are now offering the SpiriTaos Garden for micro weddings with up to 24 guests. Our ramada (a covered, open-sided structure) is very flexible and can be configured to host your wedding comfortably depending on the weather and your wishes. We can set up the guest seating out in the open or under the roof of the ramada for the shade. Guests can face a lush wall of willows (so their full attention is on you) or turn them around so they can gaze at the sacred Taos Mountain when they’re not looking at you.

Wedding guests gathered underneath a shelter watching a couple get married in an outdoor micro wedding venue.
Wedding ramada at SpiriTaos

Want to see a gallery of photos of the SpiriTaos Gardens Outdoor Micro Wedding Venue? Click here.

In addition to the ramada for your actual ceremony, our gardens offer myriad backdrops for all of your photos. Our professional photographer, Poetic Images by Deanna, will capture intimate portraits in our whimsical, nature-inspired garden setting. For example, your guests can pose in a lush meadow with Taos Mountain in the background. Additionally, our gardens are ever-changing with the seasons. If you have flexibility in your wedding date, consult with us about some times when the blooms are at their most colorful.

The ramada at SpiriTaos Gardens, an outdoor micro wedding venue.
The SpiriTaos outdoor micro wedding venue

If you’re considering an outdoor micro wedding venue in Taos, take a look at our SpiriTaos Micro Wedding Venue as an option. Our package offerings include our venue and a variety of other amenities to ease your planning and assure your wedding day flows easily and leaves you with a wealth of happy memories and photographs to keep the experience alive.

Other Outdoor Micro Wedding Venues in Taos

There are certainly other wonderful outdoor wedding venues in Taos that offer packages. Here are just a few that have packages that will include Dan Jones as your wedding officiant. These packages can also include accommodations and dining. Hacienda del Sol, Adobe & Pines Inn and Poetic Images.

A heart shaped opening in the sky above the garden.
A heart in the sky above the SpiriTaos gardens

Taos has myriad outdoor micro wedding venues. Enjoy the planning experience. Contact us through our Contact Page when you’re ready to explore utilizing the SpiriTaos Gardens.

Want more information on this topic? Email Dan at Dan@EmbracingCeremony.com

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