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5 Ways Wedding Officiant Services Save You Time, Money and Stress

So you’re planning a wedding and wondering about the merits of hiring wedding officiant services? In addition to the things you’d expect of me as a Taos wedding officiant, I’d like to share some of the additional “little” things I do that add to the value of using my services. This is especially important if . . .

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The Worst Advice You’ll Get on Hiring a Wedding Officiant

Since I’m pretty active in the Taos wedding officiant scene I hear a lot of stories. Most of these tales come to me from venue coordinators, photographers, florists and other wedding associates, and prospective clients sometimes share the factors they’re weighing in making decisions about hiring a wedding officiant. I thought I’d distill and share . . .

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Fall Elopement Packages

Autumn is a crazy beautiful time in northern New Mexico! Cooler weather, crisp days, aspen foliage and the smell of roasting chilies and piñon smoke fill the air. If that sounds like a pleasant backdrop for getting married, then make plans and have a little getaway wedding/honeymoon combo trip! Try one of our Fall Elopement . . .

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20 Ways Your Wedding Officiant Earns Their Pay

You’re engaged and making plans for the various vendors, including a wedding minister you’ll be hiring. Each vendor will bring to your special day a set of skills which translate into less stress for you. A good set of vendors will also interface easily, without any prompting from you. Wedding vendors are accustomed to doing . . .

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How About an Unplugged Wedding Ceremony?

Increasing numbers of couples are opting to “unplug” their wedding which I think is a great idea. By an unplugged wedding ceremony I mean that you leave all the photography to the professional you’ve hired. Phones go back in pockets and purses, cameras are set under the chair. Your guests get to enjoy what is . . .

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Summer Wedding Season

Traditional Weddings in Taos There’s nothing like a big, traditional wedding to get me in the swing of the summer wedding season. The pictures on this page are from a wedding that took place at the beloved El Monte Sagrado here in Taos. Officiating weddings at El Monte Sagrado is always a joy! The expert staff . . .

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Pondering the Processional

Are you wondering what the possibilities are for your processional? Do you want to be completely conventional or shake it up a bit? As a Taos wedding officiant I go through the possibilities with you and learn about what you want in your processional. I then script your processional as part of my writing your . . .

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Taos Spring Wedding

‘Twas the day before Mother’s Day and spring was springing in Taos, New Mexico. It was a quintessential early May day in northern New Mexico with the lilacs in full bloom and the crabapples joining them to scent the air throughout town. A concert in Kit Carson Park wafted strains of music through the downtown . . .

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Celebrating 10 Years!

As I worked on new copy for the Embracing Ceremony website re-design, I realized that I’ve been a wedding officiant for 10 years! Since I’m in the business of celebrating and of recognizing milestones, I guess I should take note for the year. Whether you’re eloping in Taos or planning a destination wedding here, I . . .

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SpiriTaos Wedding

Are you looking for an outdoor wedding location in northern New Mexico? Follow this link to some pictures of a recent wedding at my home, SpiriTaos, just a few minutes north of Taos, New Mexico. My services as a marriage celebrant are available throughout northern New Mexico and if you’re looking for a unique wedding . . .

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Need more information on planning a wedding in northern New Mexico? Request our informative listing that includes options for other services such as wedding cakes, accommodations and fine dining.