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Wedding Packages with Photography

Recently, with the opening of our new micro wedding venue, SpiriTaos Gardens, we re-tooled our offerings to include wedding packages with photography. In the wedding business, like most businesses I suppose, we adapt with the changing of the times. For myself, I started out as a wedding minister. As such I officiated hundreds of weddings . . .

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Should You Get Married on Christmas? Pros and Cons of Holiday Weddings

Are you thinking about a wedding around the winter holidays? Have you always thought you’d like to get married on Christmas? How about a New Year’s Eve wedding? You’ll certainly capture your guests in the mood to have a party! That you’re even pondering the possibilities tells me you’re a winter person and probably well . . .

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An Art Museum Wedding or Elopement? Sure!

Have you ever considered an art museum wedding or elopement? It’s a fun twist and very unique! There are lots of museums in Taos and I know at least some of them accommodate weddings because I’ve officiated there. But there is one special museum that I think offers a bit more than others. And that . . .

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Wedding Photography Advice

  Why is a Taos wedding officiant writing a blog about wedding photography? I get to see a lot of of wedding photographers in action, that’s why! I think I have some good insights. As with any vendor you’re engaging for your wedding day, interview them! Get a sense of their style and demeanor. Check . . .

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Wedding Planning: 4 Tips to Ease You into This Daunting Task

There’s a stigma about wedding planning. It’s daunting. It certainly can be, but there are innumerable tools and aids available to you. Surely you’ve talked to some close friends to get their take on it. If you’ve been in a wedding party or attended a wedding recently you may have some ideas. Those ideas may . . .

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Planning Your Ceremony with Your Officiant

Couples of all ages are planning their wedding. Where do you fall on this spectrum? Is it your first wedding and you want to plan it carefully and have every detail dialed in? Or is this your second or third time around and you just want a simple no-frills ceremony? Do you want to provide . . .

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How to Choose a Wedding Location in or around Taos

As a wedding officiant, I am frequently asked how to choose a wedding location in or around Taos. But it’s not really an easy question to answer. What are your criteria for a wedding location? However, you’ll get more focused answers if you can provide a list of qualities you’re seeking in a location. The . . .

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14 Great Reasons for Getting Married in Taos

I can go on and on about all the wonderful virtues of getting married in Taos, but if you’ve been following my blogs you probably know that already. I absolutely love where I live and will happily tell you or anyone caring to listen about its many wonders. But for this blog I thought you . . .

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Five Guidelines for Planning Your Wedding

Are you in the early stages of thinking about your wedding day? Since you’re reading this you’re already doing the first couple of steps in planning your wedding that I recommend to achieve a dream-fulfilling wedding day. What are my credentials for offering this advice you may ask? I’m a wedding minister in Taos, New . . .

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Five Magical Spins on a Taos Wedding

I have the good fortune of being a Taos wedding officiant. I love meeting adventuresome couples that want to find an extraordinary location for their wedding. And I love working with couples that want to weave special touches into their ceremony. Following are some pictures to give you ideas on where to have your wedding . . .

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