Embracing your lifestyle, national origin, gender expression, ability, culture, traditions and values.

Dan Jones, Wedding Officiant

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Book Early!

Booking your marriage celebrant early assures you a good selection of professionals. There are many excellent wedding officiants serving Taos and northern New Mexico. Anyone “shopping” for a wedding celebrant knows their own criteria which vary greatly from couple to couple. Sometimes you may just know from a picture or content on an officiant’s website. . . .

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Wedding Rehearsal, Part One – Should I Have One?

When planning a large, traditional wedding ceremony you’ll inevitably include a rehearsal as part of your plans and include a dinner for the attendees. If your ceremony is to be a small, casual affair you’ll likely forego the rehearsal aspect of the festivities. In between these two extremes reside many of your weddings: small to . . .

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Need more information on planning a wedding in northern New Mexico? Request our informative listing that includes options for other services such as wedding cakes, accommodations and fine dining.