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Dan Jones, Wedding Officiant

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5 Ways Wedding Officiant Services Save You Time, Money and Stress

So you’re planning a wedding and wondering about the merits of hiring wedding officiant services? In addition to the things you’d expect of me as a Taos wedding officiant, I’d like to share some of the additional “little” things I do that add to the value of using my services. This is especially important if . . .

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The Worst Advice You’ll Get on Hiring a Wedding Officiant

Since I’m pretty active in the Taos wedding officiant scene I hear a lot of stories. Most of these tales come to me from venue coordinators, photographers, florists and other wedding associates, and prospective clients sometimes share the factors they’re weighing in making decisions about hiring a wedding officiant. I thought I’d distill and share . . .

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Five Guidelines for Planning Your Wedding

Are you in the early stages of thinking about your wedding day? Since you’re reading this you’re already doing the first couple of steps in planning your wedding that I recommend to achieve a dream-fulfilling wedding day. What are my credentials for offering this advice you may ask? I’m a wedding minister in Taos, New . . .

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