Embracing your lifestyle, national origin, gender expression, ability, culture, traditions and values.

Dan Jones, Wedding Officiant

Embracing Ceremony Blog

Time for Reflection

Recently I took a few days for reflection and relaxation – if you can call an ambitious backpack trip relaxing (I can). It offered an opportunity to leave the daily routines and connect with time in nature which is always nurturing and restorative. As a wedding officiant in northern New Mexico it is good to . . .

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Choosing a Wedding Officiant

I’m reworking a blog from five years ago. I hear so many variations on the theme of how couples go about selecting a wedding officiant – that I thought it was a timely topic worth updating. There are a lot of great officiants available and a lot of variables to consider. The bottom line is . . .

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Taos Light

People come to Taos for many reasons. Couples come to Taos to get married for many reasons. Maybe the light isn’t your primary criteria in making your choice, but it surely can lend magic to your unique outdoor wedding location, particularly your northern New Mexico wedding location. As a wedding officiant you might not think . . .

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Book Early!

Booking your marriage celebrant early assures you a good selection of professionals. There are many excellent wedding officiants serving Taos and northern New Mexico. Anyone “shopping” for a wedding celebrant knows their own criteria which vary greatly from couple to couple. Sometimes you may just know from a picture or content on an officiant’s website. . . .

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Wedding Joy at El Monte Sagrado in Taos, New Mexico

A really special and unique wedding experience awaits those who opt for their wedding ceremony at El Monte Sagrado in Taos, New Mexico. El Monte Sagrado offers many amenities – in fact, too many to go into here, so check out their website. One of my favorite aspects of El Monte Sagrado is the Sacred . . .

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  If you’re looking for a wedding celebrant (my preferred term for wedding officiant or wedding minister), as well as a unique outdoor wedding location in northern New Mexico, I can help you with both! SpiriTaos is the name of my home on the edge of Taos, New Mexico and the gardens offer multiple places . . .

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Review Gratitude

As a northern New Mexico wedding officiant, offering services in unique wedding locations, such as SpiriTaos, I have to convey my reputation to prospective couples. My website does this fairly well, but as everyone knows, one’s website paints the picture that they want to present. I hope that is an accurate portrayal of the wedding . . .

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Wedding Readings

Do you have a favorite poem or book passage that you’d like read at your wedding? Do you have a family member or friend you’d like to have read it? Here are a few ideas … Over the years I’ve seen fewer instances of couples wanting to include someone by having them read during their . . .

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Eve of Valentine’s Day

Here it is the eve of Valentine’s Day and as a wedding celebrant it would seem appropriate that I might expound on romance, love and the like! What originally drew me to be a wedding officiant was the opportunity to work with people in love. It really doesn’t get better than that! Part of the . . .

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Importance of Passion

I want to share an experience exemplifying passion in your life. It is easy to dismissively say, “Oh sure, I’m passionate about this, that and that …” But when you see the light of passion in another’s eye or feel the power of it emanate from within yourself you know a deep and pure passion. . . .

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