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New Mexico Elopement Adventures

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Would you like to get away from home and enjoy your elopement experience in an extraordinary place? You’ve come to the right place. Embracing Ceremony offers elopement packages in New Mexico to elevate your experience. Literally! Let’s take a short climb together and be on top of the world in a stunningly beautiful setting.

Combine your marriage ceremony with your honeymoon by spending your entire trip in a place steeped in fascinating history that offers stunning mountains and myriad outdoor activities as well as fine dining.

New Mexico Elopement Packages

Amongst the elopement packages offered by Embracing Ceremony is the Adventure Elopement Package. A favorite destination is only a 30 minute drive from Taos and a fairly easy climb of about 20 minutes. We’ve designed our package to keep your planning to a minimum so you can be present for and thoroughly enjoy the experience. Dan Jones, Taos wedding officiant, will answer all your questions ahead of time and provide valuable guidance on all the logistics.

A couple helps each other across the rocks after their wedding ceremony in New Mexico

What to Expect with our Adventure Elopement Package

We’ll make arrangements ahead of time to carpool or caravan and you’ll have been informed about what kind of weather to expect as well as best footwear for the event. Hiking boots and comfortable attire are best for getting to the spot where you’ll be eloping in northern New Mexico. And if you’d like to pack up a change of shoes or attire, you’re welcome to do so. What else would you like to have for your ceremony? Flowers or champagne are possibilities and don’t forget the rings and license! We can help you with transport of anything (within reason!) up to the top.

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Getting excited already? Check Dan’s availability and plan a phone call to answer your questions. Completing the Contact Form is the quickest way to start the process.

Within the area of our destination, there are many perfect spots for your New Mexico elopement ceremony. You get to choose the spot as well as what you want to be looking at as you get married. (Hint: always tell your soon-to-be-spouse that you only care about looking at them during the ceremony!) The same goes for pictures, which can be taken before, during and after your actual 15 minute elopement ceremony. (Note: only when you add the professional photographer component to the package can we get pictures during your ceremony.)

Depending on the destination you’ve selected for your ceremony, the walk can be a bit arduous, especially if you’re coming from sea level. We only suggest this package if you’re relatively fit and not afraid of a bit of exposure at heights.

Climbing back down the mountain after their adventurous elopement in New Mexico

One of our locations is on private land and requires registering and getting a $10 permit ahead of time. This location also has the steepest hike and yes, it is steep (but relatively short)!

What’s the Timeline for Adventure Elopements?

We will discuss with you the various options and learn from you what is important for your elopement. Sunrise or sunset for pictures? Cool of the evening in summer? Heat of the day at other times?

The drive from central Taos can be up to 45 minutes and then getting to the top for your ceremony is about 20-30 minutes (although one ski valley destination is about 1-1/2 hours). Once at our destination we plan approximately 15 minutes for your ceremony and another 45+ for pictures. The sequence is up to you and is usually based on the lighting conditions for pictures. We can continue to take pictures on the walk back down to where we parked. At no time will we be looking at our watches however. This is an experience to be savored!

Check now to see if the date you have in mind will fit into our schedule! Contact me now.

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