Embracing your lifestyle, national origin, gender expression, ability, culture, traditions and values.

Dan Jones, Wedding Officiant

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2 Ideas for Unique Wedding Ceremonies

Do you want to have a conventional wedding ceremony that your guests yawn through? Or would you like it to be innovative and personal? As a Taos wedding minister I love to craft unique wedding ceremonies that speak to the couple I’m working with and in turn their guests. Conventions can be incorporated – I . . .

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Marriage Equality

It’s hard to believe that just a few short years ago LGBTQ weddings were the exception (legal in only a few states). Back when I was in college, fighting for gay rights, the question of same sex marriage was far off my radar. I couldn’t fathom I’d ever see it legalized. Nor could I imagine . . .

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“Eat Your Vegetables!”

“Eat Your Vegetables!” Right up front I’ll tell you this blog doesn’t have much to do with weddings, but it is such a beautiful, heart-warming story I’m compelled to tell it. So if you’re looking for a Taos wedding officiant, jump over to my home page and learn about the services I offer. I also . . .

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While it is true that I joined Facebook kicking and screaming, I now host a page for Embracing Ceremony. Visit us – and like! – the page here. It seemed the time had come to accept that Facebook would offer a good way to expose my services as a wedding minister in Taos to a . . .

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Time for Reflection

Recently I took a few days for reflection and relaxation – if you can call an ambitious backpack trip relaxing (I can). It offered an opportunity to leave the daily routines and connect with time in nature which is always nurturing and restorative. As a wedding officiant in northern New Mexico it is good to . . .

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Time with Dad

What is a northern New Mexico wedding officiant doing in Connecticut for the winter? Especially when the weather is so challenging? I have the excellent good fortune to still have my father living, age 96, and can return home to live with him for a few months each winter. Further, a close friend in Taos . . .

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Happy New Year!

I’m starting the New Year with gratitude for the one just past. I officiated more weddings in 2015 than ever before and loved each and every one of them. The weddings I officiate run the gamut from last-minute elopements to grand affairs planned over a year in advance. And it is exactly because of this . . .

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Going with the Flow

Here’s the latest installment in my ongoing theme of being a Taos wedding officiant that loves what he does and goes with the flow. Stressing over unknowns only compounds the stress. You’ll have enough on your mind on the day of your wedding ceremony, so having a marriage celebrant that looks to facilitate matters and . . .

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Review Gratitude

As a northern New Mexico wedding officiant, offering services in unique wedding locations, such as SpiriTaos, I have to convey my reputation to prospective couples. My website does this fairly well, but as everyone knows, one’s website paints the picture that they want to present. I hope that is an accurate portrayal of the wedding . . .

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Gay & Lesbian Welcome

Lots of gay and lesbian couples have been working with me to formally tie the knot. The stories are myriad and heartwarming. So many of these couples have had many committed years together. As Pharrell Williams recently said on Ellen (paraphrased), “It’s 2014 and we can put people on the moon, a rover on Mars . . .

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