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Behind the Scenes of Writing a Wedding Ceremony

What’s the number one question I’m asked when a couple is thinking about hiring me? “How do you write our ceremony?” As a Taos wedding officiant, what’s the number one question I’m asked when I meet with a couple to start the process of writing their ceremony? “What goes in our ceremony and where do we start?”

Ask a Taos Wedding Officiant

Fortunately, when you hire me, a professional Taos wedding officiant, I have the answers! There is nothing daunting to me about building you a ceremony that fits your every wish. I’ve been doing this for 11 years and have encountered just about every possible part and piece. I’ve facilitated quite a variety of requests. Each instance gives me more experience and a larger library of ceremony options.

If you’ve read this far and you’re ready to get started, submit an inquiry on my Contact Page and we’ll set up a time to talk.

Getting Started

You have to start somewhere, so I have a typical outline for most ceremonies. It is a sequence that flows nicely. And it isn’t set in stone. I’ve never done two identical ceremonies. I flex however necessary to make it the perfect ceremony for each couple. Most ceremonies have a beginning section where most of the personalization can happen. The middle part, or core contains the vows and ring exchange. The final part usually has any “extras” as well as a blessing and of course the concluding kiss!

I’ve written many versions of the various sections over the years. When I talk to a couple I start by pulling what feels like the most appropriate versions of each part from my library. I then customize each part to fit the couple. Next comes weaving the parts together so they flow smoothly.

In the draft I share with each couple I include many options, especially for the readings. Couples can review the entire script of their ceremony and choose the reading(s) they like as well as some other options. They can also edit it if they like.


More and more couples are eloping in Taos. But larger ceremonies will include a processional and recessional and are really customized. I get the names of everyone in the processional and then discuss with the couple the various ways that they can walk in the processional. Same for the recessional. These can be the best parts of the ceremony. This is when the cameras are really busy! It’s especially great when dogs and children are involved. They offer great opportunities for memorable photos.

Did I answer your question? If not, just know I’ll guide you gently and effortlessly through the process. Give me a call to check my availability, 720-849-5967 and let’s get started!

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