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An Intimate Wedding at El Monte Sagrado

If you’re thinking about getting married in Taos, you can’t do any better than having an intimate wedding at El Monte Sagrado. It is an extraordinary resort and you can be sure everything will be stellar. Not only will every touch be elegant, but the warm and helpful staff will be there for you every step of the way.

Take a minute and enjoy this fairytale wedding video (link at top of the page) which was filmed on-site. It was a real delight to plan Guinevere’s and Bill’s ceremony and to serve as their Taos wedding officiant in their intimate wedding at El Monte Sagrado.

Following are a series of pictures so you can see some of the really wonderful opportunities for memorable pictures at El Monte Sagrado. This wedding took place outdoors on December 26, 2017. I can’t guarantee it would always be this pleasant. We were actually disappointed at the lack of snow in the photos.

Taos wedding officiant Dan Jones gets the bridal bouquet on the way
to meet the bride for this intimate wedding at El Monte Sagrado.


The stunning late day light in Taos plays well with the elegant setting of El Monte Sagrado.


Loosening up and having fun with your wedding photos pays off! These are on the bridge and in one of the cottonwoods in the Sacred Circle.


The bride is swept off her feet on her wedding day.


The mature landscape, ponds and waterfalls are perfect for elegant wedding day pictures.


An intimate gathering of family around the terrace fire kept everyone warm, even when the tears flowed!


The rings, the afterglow smiles and the license. Now ready for a memorable dinner in The Wine Room.

Check with El Monte Sagrado now to find out their availability. And if you book I sure hope you’ll select me to officiate since it is my favorite place – for the beauty and the warmth of the staff.

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