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5 Ways Wedding Officiant Services Save You Time, Money and Stress

So you’re planning a wedding and wondering about the merits of hiring wedding officiant services? In addition to the things you’d expect of me as a Taos wedding officiant, I’d like to share some of the additional “little” things I do that add to the value of using my services. This is especially important if you’re planning a “do it yourself” wedding. By that I mean doing most of the planning yourself and not utilizing the services of a planner or a coordinator that is usually available through a larger venue.

Wedding officiant services include crafting unique services that include every member of the family.
A Sand Ceremony for the entire family at the Angel Fire Resort

1. Answering Wedding Logistics Questions

For starters, I’ll enjoy chatting with you if you’d like to inquire as to my availability. I’ll also answer any questions you might have, often about the logistics of obtaining the marriage license. I’m a resource for you even before you hire me! And from the first words you utter I’m taking careful notes and getting a sense of who you are. Should you proceed with hiring my wedding officiant services, I already have ideas on what kind of ceremony to craft for you.

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Even spontaenous elopements need wedding officiant services
These excited brides came to view my SpiriTaos gardens and got so excited I officiated their marriage the same day. That’s spontaneity!

2. Getting Started

Most couples I work with have no idea where or how to get started on the ceremony aspect of their wedding day. I love being a specialist in weddings and ceremonies. I’m able to provide you with every possible way things can be done and to “hold your hand” through the decisions of what kind of ceremony you’d like.

Or maybe you’re a pro, having been an attendant for others in their wedding. Then I hope you’ll share with me all things you observed that you liked – as well as those you didn’t – so we don’t repeat them. Best yet, as a result of providing wedding officiant services for many years, I’ll share even more ideas with you so that you can have a ceremony that is as different from that of your friends as you’d like it to be. If you don’t have a location in mind, I can certainly help by suggesting some unique wedding locations here in northern New Mexico.

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3. Alleviating Pre-Ceremony Jitters

Before the day of your ceremony I’ll have created for you a unique and heartfelt ceremony that is exactly what you wish. It’ll be like a play script with cues and directions for musicians, photographer and the entire wedding party. Even if you’re eloping in Taos, these details, while less involved, are helpful since your questions are answered ahead of time. (Note: for most elopements or very intimate ceremonies, I do not share the script ahead of time, unless the couple wants to see it. I find you can be much more spontaneous and “in the moment” this way.) But I will have worked out the details and can orchestrate your ceremony however you wish.

No matter what New Mexico wedding location you choose, I’ll be there and be calm and enthusiastic. I arrive early to make sure all the little touches and details are organized and ready. I’ll answer your last-minute questions. “Which side does my Dad stand on to walk me down the aisle? Where are my flowers? When do I hand them to my bridesmaid?”

A wedding service on the Red River
Setting a relaxed tone on a brisk fall day in Red River.
Getting the license signed is one of the tasks of wedding officiant services
Getting the license signed at Hacienda del Sol

4. Calmness During the Ceremony

During the ceremony is when I will keep your stress low. I do my best to facilitate a relaxed atmosphere for you and your guests. I want everyone to be comfortable in the moment so they can appreciate the importance of the ceremony itself. I’ll give you a steady gaze, a smile, or pause in the ceremony if you’re tearing up. If you want a touch of humor I’ll get some laughs from your guests. It’s a great way to ease into the ceremony.

5. Filing the Marriage License

Immediately following the ceremony I’ll direct you through the license signing quickly and efficiently because you’ll have a lot on your mind. It is time to celebrate with your family and friends – and your wife or husband! If it is helpful I will take care of filing your license back with the county afterwards. This is particularly helpful when you’re doing a destination wedding, and is usually considered part of the wedding officiant services anyway.

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