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Getting Married in New Mexico Court

If you’re thinking about getting married in New Mexico court there is a little planning you’ll need to do. Your first step is to get your marriage license. This is a separate step than your visit to the court and judge for your actual ceremony. Here’s the list for each county where you go to get your license. You can visit any county clerk office; it does not need to be the county in which you’re going to get married.

Each county will have a different arrangement and schedule for their judges and courtrooms that perform a marriage in New Mexico. You’ll need to check with the county you’re planning to use. There is usually no charge. Do keep in mind though that when you are getting married in New Mexico court, you are subject to the judge’s schedule. These can change at the last minute so being flexible will keep your frustrations in check. You will also need to fulfill the state of New Mexico requirement that you have two witnesses present for your marriage. These need to be two friends or relatives that accompany you to the court.

You should also take a moment to consider your intention for a courtroom wedding. Do you really want to get married in the same place and by the same person that is in charge of dissolving marriages? Energetically it is a bit of a weird way to launch your life together!

When getting married in a New Mexico court you won't get great photos like this one!
Taos Mountain and sunset light are things you can’t find in a courtroom!

As a Taos wedding minister I offer a Just Married level of officiating. It’s only $175 and I take care of some of the details you’d otherwise need to manage. You still need to acquire the license, but I can file it for you afterwards. If you’re traveling or need two witnesses I can take care of that for you as well. Another thing I can do is provide or suggest a beautiful location in the great outdoors of New Mexico. There are lots of wonderful and unique wedding locations in Taos. So instead of getting married in New Mexico court, how about a very simple wedding ceremony so you’ll have a great memory and possibly even some great photos?

Check out my availability and let me know if I can answer any further questions for you.

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