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What’s Required to Get Married in New Mexico

Do you live here in New Mexico? Or are you considering a destination wedding in New Mexico? Either way, what’s required to get married in New Mexico is the same.

Dan helps everyone sign the marriage license after the ceremony
Your officiant should make sure everyone signs the license in the right place.

The 1-2-3 Legal Basics

New Mexico requirements for marriage are very easy and straightforward. Here are the basics for the legal aspects of a New Mexico marriage:

  • Both spouses need to go together to any county clerk office in the state. It doesn’t need to be the county in which you’re getting married.
  • Each spouse needs to have a photo ID and social security card. It doesn’t hurt to bring your passport as a backup.
  • The fee for processing your marriage application is $25 payable only by cash or check.

Is that all you needed to know about what’s required to get married in New Mexico? Ready to line up an officiant to help you tie the knot? Visit my officiating page for more details or if you’re ready to see my availability submit an inquiry here.

Dan helps a groom tie his tie right before the ceremony
Will your officiant help you tie your tie?

Timeline for Getting Your Marriage License

You can get your license as far ahead of time as you like. If you’re having a destination wedding and will only be in New Mexico a year or more ahead of the ceremony date it is a great idea to get your license at that time. On the flip side, you can get it on the day of your marriage but I don’t recommend cutting it that close just in case there is a local holiday or emergency (power outage, plumbing issue) that closes the office unexpectedly. It’s always a good idea to call ahead and confirm office hours if you’re on a tight timeline. Use this link to look up the phone number for the office you plan to use.

What Happens to Your License Next?

Bring your marriage license to your wedding ceremony. Very important! You can’t get married without it. Your wedding officiant will complete the license and facilitate the correct signatures in the correct places. You will need two witnesses to sign in addition to yourselves and the officiant. And that is all! That’s what’s required to get married in New Mexico.

If someone is changing their name remember that everyone signs their name as it legally is on the day of your ceremony. It isn’t until your license is registered with the county that you can even begin the name change process.

Either you or your officiant can return the license to the county office where you obtained it. This can be done in person or by mail. Doing it in person assures that you have it the same day you return it so you can commence the name change process. Get a few certified copies at this time as some agencies may require that as part of the name change process. And if you’re going to be returning your own license be sure to do it in under 60 days. They do expire!

With couples I work with I am always happy to take care of submitting the license back to the county.

The Name Change Process

If one of you is going to change your name, use this link to obtain my two page document that will guide you through the process of changing your name in New Mexico. This document also contains links to the government agencies and forms needed in the process.

What’s Not Required?

In New Mexico there are no requirements for blood tests or other medical necessities. If your circumstances are unique such as one spouse not being a US citizen then you should contact the specific New Mexico county office you’re planning to work with. A wedding officiant can’t answer questions about legal requirements.

And all the Rest …

Now that you know what’s required to get married in New Mexico, visit other blogs I’ve written for guidance on the myriad other things you’ll want to plan for your New Mexico wedding. Even for the simplest elopement you’ll need to line up an officiant and location. And then there are flowers, and the list goes on and on!

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