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Tips for Planning Your Destination Micro Wedding

A bride, groom and officiant at their destination wedding.
June elopement at SpiriTaos

You’ve probably settled on a micro wedding to simplify the planning, cost and headaches. And there’s no reason your micro wedding won’t be every bit as rewarding as a big bucks affair. If you’re thinking about “getting out of Dodge” and having a destination micro wedding you’ll want start making some lists of things to be sure you cover all your bases during planning.

  • Accommodations (for you and your guests)
  • Meals (lists of restaurants, reservations for a wedding day dinner)
  • Florist
  • Photography
  • Officiant
  • Wedding Cake
  • Musician
  • Celebratory champagne

Does this all sound a bit daunting to navigate from afar? Behold the concept of destination micro wedding packages. Many wedding vendors work together with other wedding professionals they’ve gotten to know through many years in the business. This often means you’ll be getting some really seasoned pros when you go the package route. And of course it means you can start checking a number of things off that planning list.

Check out the packages offered by Embracing Ceremony. From basic elopement packages to deluxe micro wedding packages, we can fit your budget and needs.

If a package doesn’t sound right for you – maybe you love doing long-distance planning – then I would encourage you to take advantage of the expertise of the vendors you hire. Once you vet a wedding vendor and hire them, tap them for recommendations for other vendors you might find dependable. Dependable. That’s an important word. On your wedding day you want to have confidence that everyone you’ve hired will show up on time and provide the service for which you hired them. Over the years I’ve seen some serious delays when the deejay didn’t show up, the caterers were over an hour late, etc.

Dan distracts the groom before the processional.
Dan distracts the groom before the processional

If you’re planning a wedding in the Taos area, get my free planning guide. Just type in your email at the bottom of any page on my site and it’ll come right to your inbox.

Another excellent option is to work with a wedding planner and have them do a lot of your legwork for you. They will not only know exactly the right vendors to select to meet your requirements, they’ll make your life so much more relaxed. And on your wedding day they are worth their weight in gold. They’ll take care of so many details so you can relax and have fun with whomever you’re getting ready with.

A happy bride poses with her dog at her destination micro wedding.
A happy bride and her best friend

One final tip for planning your destination micro wedding – if you have the flexibility to do so, choose an “off” time for your wedding day. You can really avoid competition for vendors if you select a month like April or November. But you’ll usually do very well to select the month you prefer and then go with a weekday. At least choose a Friday or Sunday. Most weddings are planned for Saturdays and vendors can only be so many places at once! Some venues and vendors offer discounts for weekday weddings.

Bottom line? Do your best to have fun with your planning. If you can dream it, you’ll be able to find people to help you make it reality.

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