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Your wedding venue is booked, your marriage officiant has written your ceremony and the wedding party has been selected. Your ceremony may include components such as a unity candle, breaking of the glass, wine or sand ceremony. Your officiant will manage these items during the ceremony, but the components need to be brought to the site of your wedding and set in place. This is not something you’ll want on your mind the day of your wedding. Couples often have friends or relatives they would like to feel included in their ceremony. This becomes the perfect kind of detail to give them – just make sure it is someone organized and reliable! Have them follow the guidelines of your wedding officiant or wedding planner. Your wedding celebrant can provide you with all the details you need for getting the things appropriate to your ceremony and also make sure they’re properly placed for the ceremony.

Depending on the size of your wedding party you may want to designate an assistant to handle any little unexpected needs that crop up at the last minute such as an emergency dress repair, corsage-pinning or tracking down the forgotten tissues. At one wedding I officiated at the Denver Botanic Gardens the wedding rings could not be found. Everyone thought the other person had been in charge of them. It required a quick run home where they were carefully set out on a table. It is instances like this where it pays off to have someone designated to handle the little emergencies (not that this was so little!).

Good planning pays off in a successful ceremony. You’ll start on time, run smoothly and your guests will appreciate the polished event. The peace of mind you can experience is the best part though! You want to be focused on being “in the moment” on your wedding day.

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