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Dan Jones, Wedding Officiant

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Book Early!

Booking your marriage celebrant early assures you a good selection of professionals. There are many excellent wedding officiants serving Taos and northern New Mexico. Anyone “shopping” for a wedding celebrant knows their own criteria which vary greatly from couple to couple. Sometimes you may just know from a picture or content on an officiant’s website. . . .

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Time with Dad

What is a northern New Mexico wedding officiant doing in Connecticut for the winter? Especially when the weather is so challenging? I have the excellent good fortune to still have my father living, age 96, and can return home to live with him for a few months each winter. Further, a close friend in Taos . . .

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Happy New Year!

I’m starting the New Year with gratitude for the one just past. I officiated more weddings in 2015 than ever before and loved each and every one of them. The weddings I officiate run the gamut from last-minute elopements to grand affairs planned over a year in advance. And it is exactly because of this . . .

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Wedding Joy at El Monte Sagrado in Taos, New Mexico

A really special and unique wedding experience awaits those who opt for their wedding ceremony at El Monte Sagrado in Taos, New Mexico. El Monte Sagrado offers many amenities – in fact, too many to go into here, so check out their website. One of my favorite aspects of El Monte Sagrado is the Sacred . . .

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  If you’re looking for a wedding celebrant (my preferred term for wedding officiant or wedding minister), as well as a unique outdoor wedding location in northern New Mexico, I can help you with both! SpiriTaos is the name of my home on the edge of Taos, New Mexico and the gardens offer multiple places . . .

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Preparations & Going with the Flow

One of my slogans, if you will, is that I’m flexible on your wedding day so that you don’t have to be. As a northern New Mexico wedding officiant – I actually prefer the term wedding celebrant as it denotes celebration – I encounter many situations where flexibility enhances the quality of the wedding, particularly . . .

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Breaking of the Glass

News flash … this wedding officiant in northern New Mexico is very excited! And as you learn why you’ll see it doesn’t take a whole lot to enthuse this wedding celebrant. All cultures have unique wedding traditions and I enjoy reviewing a wide range of these with couples to determine what they’d like in their . . .

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Wedding Readings

Do you have a favorite poem or book passage that you’d like read at your wedding? Do you have a family member or friend you’d like to have read it? Here are a few ideas … Over the years I’ve seen fewer instances of couples wanting to include someone by having them read during their . . .

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Gay Wedding Freedoms

Now that New Mexico has joined a growing list of states legalizing gay marriage, I am able to more fully embrace the blessing it is to be a gay marriage officiant. It is very rewarding to work with lesbians and gay men who, in most cases, are formalizing what is already a long-standing relationship. The . . .

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Eve of Valentine’s Day

Here it is the eve of Valentine’s Day and as a wedding celebrant it would seem appropriate that I might expound on romance, love and the like! What originally drew me to be a wedding officiant was the opportunity to work with people in love. It really doesn’t get better than that! Part of the . . .

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